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Increasing self-service adoption along with a good user experience is a goal for most service desks. A service catalog and Knowledge article page is deployed to allow users to create service requests and read issue relevant Knowledge article by making right selection of category from list.

In previous releases Admins were unable to set icons for categories for better recognition when listed in Service Request and Knowledge article tile in Self Service 3.0. Hence it became difficult for user to choose right category from the list due to lack of proper Icon and Information.

Hence to answer pain point of user and have proper screen utilization, BMC Helix Remedyforce Summer 19 release has now enhanced Service Request and View Knowledge Article catalog by allowing Admin to configure category Icons and displaying category Description on hovering on any category listed.

Lets first get into details of configuring Category Icons

  • Default icon ( default icon.png) is displayed for all categories until admin configures different icon for that category.
  • Admin can configure category icon through
    • Remedyforce Administration > Categories > specific category >Select option
    • Remedyforce Administration > Configure Self Service > Categories > specific category > Select option (as shown in fig. below)

         pic 1.png   pic 2.png  

  • Users will be able to edit the default category icon which is currently default icon.png   by navigating to RF Admin > Configure Self Service > Category and clicking "Manage Default Icon" (as shown below).

        manage default icon.png



  • Category icons are will be applicable only on ‘View Knowledge Articles’ and ‘Request a Service’ pages and not in the lookup fields on forms.
  • If the icon is not specified for any child category, then child category inherits the icon of the parent category and will be shown in Self service 3.0
  • For Fresh Install - Standard icons will be shown for OOTB root Categories which Admins can change later.
  • For Upgrades – Default icon will be shown for all categories. Admin can choose Standard icons using “Select From Salesforce” option.


Once Admin configures icon for any parent or child category then those icon will be shown on Self Service 3.0 > Service Request and View Knowledge article tile (as shown in fig. below)



Now let’s get into details of enabling Category Description


Aim to enable category Description was to provide more information about category to Client in the form of Tool tip by just hovering and to make efficient use of horizontal space available on screen in Self Service 3.0

  • Admin can enable category description through Remedyforce Administration > Configure Self Service > Category > “Display tool tip for category description in Self Service 3.0”(as shown in fig.below)

     desc setting.png



  • For Fresh Install - Checked by default ,Admin can Opt-out.
  • For Upgrades – Unchecked by default, Admin can Opt-in.


Once Admin enables category description, Self Service screen will show description as tool tip for applicable categories (as shown in fig.below) 

  ss desc view.png


To have more detailed understanding of each feature please feel free to visit BMC Helix Remedyforce Summer 19 Demos by clicking on given link.

I hope you find the new features useful. I would appreciate to hear your views/comments /feedback.