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Increasing self-service adoption is a goal for most service desks. A service catalogue is deployed to allow users to create service requests for a wide variety of requests such as requesting for mobile devices, access requests, employment letters, etc. It is important to offer a good user experience if the goal of self-service adoption is to be achieved.

Currently Service Request forms in RemedyForce Self-service 3.0 are rendered in a single column layout. Let’s take a use case, what if Service Request form has long list of Input Questions? say around 50+? then user must scroll through this long list of questions to enter their responses. Also, the service request forms were not making efficient use of screen real estate.

Hence to answer pain point of customers for scrolling long SRD along with aim to make effective use of screen, BMC Helix RemedyForce Summer 19 release has now enabled two-column layout support for Service Request form in Self Service 3.0.

Admin can enable two-column layout for Service Request form in Self Service 3.0. >from RemedyForce Administration > Configure Self Service> Service Request >Self Service 3.0 Layout Settings (as shown in fig. below)

   Admin img.png

Self Service 3.0 Layout Setting Consists of 2 settings

  1. A pick list for Admin to choose Column Layout as either “2 column or 1 column
  2. "Display fields from “Service Request Right Panel” and “Service Request Left Panel” field sets instead of “Request Detail Self Service 3.0” field set” – this setting lets Admin to choose, from which field set of Request detail object fields should render on Service Request form in Self Service 3.0 in selected layout.


  • “Self Service 3.0 Layout settings” will be visible only when Self Service Configuration version is set to 3.0
  • For Fresh Install – 2 column Layout will be selected by default.

       For Upgrades – 1 column Layout will be selected by default.


Once setting is enabled then Enlarged Service Request form will render (as given fig.below),when user is Submitting, Saving as Draft , Editing or Copying Service Request in SS3.0.

SRD SS img.png

It is important to note that a service request form consists of 3 sections, two of which come from the SRD:

  1. SRD Display Options fields: These are the fields selected from Request Definition > Display Tab for e.g., Phone, Approval, Quantity, Price etc. along with Requested By.
  2. Request Detail Object field set fields: These fields are displayed respectively from either “Request Detail Self Service 3.0 field set” or from “Service Request right or Left Panel fields set” as defined in Request Detail Object based on the Admin configuration set for setting “Display fields from Service Request Right panel and Service Request Left panel instead of Request Detail Self Service 3.0 field set” in Self Service 3.0 Layout Settings.
  3. SRD Inputs: These are the input question from Request Definition > Inputs tab as defined. However, for Input Questions where “Display in 2nd column” checkbox value is set to true, the respective fields will appear in the second column.



  • If Admin defines “Self Service 3.0 layout setting” as 1 column Layout, then all defined SRD Fields, Request Detail field set field and Input questions will render in 1        Column format. 
  • Last but not least to note submitted Service Requests forms will always render in 1 Column Layout i.e. VIEW mode irrespective of Admin configures Self Service            Layout setting as 2 column.


Additional UI enhancements on Service Request form in SS3.0: Additional UI enhancements have been made related to “On-Behalf of” and “Attachment” section of Service Request form in BMC Helix RemedyForce Summer 19 Release.

  • “On Behalf of “label has now been changed to “Request for” along with Edit link and aligned to left of form (as shown in fig. below).

On behalf of.png

  • Attachment UI is enhanced by providing “Add Attachment” button and also displaying attached file type icon (as shown in fig.below).

Attachment img.png

To have more detailed understanding of each feature please feel free to visit BMC Helix Remedyforce Summer 19 Demos by clicking on given link

I hope you find the new features useful. I would appreciate to hear your views/comments /feedback.