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Come join us in Santa Clara, CA (September 16th - 18th) as we talk all things BMC!  We have a number of sessions lined up for Remedyforce already, but would love your input on what you would like to see presented.  What Remedyforce topics/tracks would you be interested in?  We’re accepting suggestions for the next couple of days and we’ll try and narrow it down to a couple that we can try and present at the conference.  Not to worry though.  If your idea doesn’t make it for the conference, we may look at putting together a tech learning series using your suggestions!


Below are the current sessions we have planned specific to Remedyforce.


  • What’s New in BMC Helix Remedyforce: Learn about the latest new capabilities in BMC Helix Remedyforce as well as future direction.  This session is designed for current Remedyforce customers and users.
  • Self Service in BMC Helix Remedyforce (including Chatbot): Learn about how customers are using Self Service with Remedyforce, including how to drive better adoption and how to automate simple tasks leveraging BMC Helix Chatbot.
  • Extend BMC Helix Remedyforce with Asset Management and Discovery: Learn how you can optimize incident, problem, and change management in Remedyforce using our built in asset management and discovery capabilities along with extensions through BMC Helix Discovery, BMC Helix Remedyforce Premium and Premium Plus.
  • BMC and Snow Software – Elevating ITSM: Learn more about how the BMC and Snow Software’s partnership can elevate your ITSM solution by leveraging BMC Helix ITSM/CMDB, BMC Helix Discovery and BMC Helix Remedyforce.  The benefits range from improving the accuracy of your CMDB to providing a comprehensive software asset management solution.


Let us know what topics you’d be interested in and we’ll see if we can add it or start building a backlog of virtual sessions we can start building and presenting!


We look forward to hearing from all our great customers!  More details about the conference will be upcoming!


Remedyforce Product Management Team