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We’d like to shine the spotlight to Evergreen School District




Evergreen School District 114 is one of the largest school districts in Washington State. They have been using Helix Remedyforce to support their students and faculty since 2014. 


Value Realization Evergreen School District.jpg

The Evergreen team relies on Helix Remedyforce to help support multiple departments and they continue to grow and evolve their growing business needs.  Evergreen not only uses BMC Helix Remedyforce to support its schools, but also as a learning platform.  In 2017, Evergreen provided Middle and High School students a Chromebook to utilize. Students use the Chromebook to engage with different learning materials and applications that allow them to learn and study in alternative ways.  For instance, Students have created their own websites, tutorial videos, and newscasts for homework assignments. This allows them to not only be creative with assignments but to demonstrate what they have learned.



Look at their Value Timeline!


Off to the Races

It is so wonderful to hear when a customer is using BMC Helix Remedyforce in a new and unique way, that is also helping the next generation.  We are very excited for the Evergreen Team and look forward to what their students will achieve in the future!


On behalf of the entire Remedyforce team, CONGRATULATIONS!


If you're a BMC Helix Remedyforce customer and have a great success story to share, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Business Relationship Manager