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Many of you may have received an uptick in communication coming directly from Salesforce about an auto transition of organizations to the new Salesforce Lightning Experience.  There’s been a lot of questions, so we wanted to share what we know.


First, Salesforce has issued FAQs that you can refer to.


Admin FAQ:


End User FAQ:


Secondly, we've reached out to our Salesforce contacts, and there are three different paths you can take if you are not ready to move to Salesforce Lightning.


1.  Disable Lightning at the Org Level.

In Setup, click on “Get Stared” in the “Lightning Experience Transition Assistant”.   Click “Go to Steps” under “Roll Out Phase”.  In Step 4, Launch Lightning Experience | Turn on Lightning Experience, ensure this setting is set to Off.  This turns off Lightning for the entire Org.




2.  If you have a requirement to only allow a small handful of individuals access to Lightning (for testing or you have other areas of your company that use Salesforce and want to move), then you can remove (or not grant) the “Lightning Experience User” permission in Profiles and/or Permission Sets.   None of the out of the box BMC Helix Remedyforce Permission Sets have this permission enabled.


3.  In the FAQ mentioned above, there are instructions on how to delay the roll out to your organization.


Please be aware that BMC Helix Remedyforce has been certified to work in Salesforce Lightning when you are ready to make that move.


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