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Welcome to the new era of Cognitive Service Management!  As BMC expands its offerings and capabilities embracing cognitive service management, we wanted to ensure that our BMC Helix Remedyforce customers could also take advantage of these new offerings.  Over the next several releases you’ll see us start to build more and more capabilities around cognitive such as integrating with BMC Helix Chatbot that are made possible by AI and machine learning.  Today, you already enjoy BMC Helix Client Management. In this release we include integration with the new offering, BMC Helix Discovery, all of which are cloud based solutions bringing value to your organization.


Along with our name change, we are also releasing BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 19 with a slew of features that will help further your value with BMC Helix Remedyforce!


Chat with BMC Helix Remedyforce Support

We are now introducing a new feature that will allow BMC Helix Remedyforce Administrators to initiate a chat with BMC Helix Remedyforce Support when a support team member is available.   This feature is on by default and available to those administrators with the Remedyforce Administrator checkbox checked and their email associated with a valid BMC Support ID.


BMC Helix Remedyforce CMDB UI/UX

The BMC Helix Remedyforce CMDB user interface has not changed since its original inception.  To provide a more modern and improved user experience, the BMC Helix Remedyforce CMDB has aligned with the newer Console user interface.  Beyond the improved user interface and consistency, many improvements have been incorporated as the result of many in-depth customer interviews along with a community survey for all customers to rank the enhancements. The additional enhancements include column filtering, page controls, the class path in the title bar to always know where you are, locking of the instance name to not lose focus when scrolling horizontally, just to name a few.


BMC Helix Remedyforce support for BMC Helix Discovery

With the recent release of BMC Helix Discovery, BMC Helix Remedyforce now provides the same integrations with this new offering as with the on-premise Discovery offering (BMC Discovery).


BMC Helix Remedyforce and BMC Helix Client Management

Due the recent Oracle licensing changes with Java, a new method to launch the BMC Helix Client Management console has been delivered.

Note: BMC Helix Remedyforce customers who are integrating with BMC Client Management on premise must upgrade to Winter 19 before applying the latest BMC Client Management patch.


BMC Helix Remedyforce Self Service 3.0

We realize the importance of providing complete information of records to approvers. Enhancements have been made to enable approvers to view all record details, including attachments. Approval History can be viewed by approvers. This allows them to have a better context of the approval request, enabling them to make a more informed approval decision. Additionally, we now allow admins to restrict pending approvals to just BMC Helix Remedyforce records. This will reduce the clutter of pending approvals.


Admins can now design a simpler page layout for submitting tickets. More details can be displayed while viewing tickets.


A new method of displaying broadcasts, called Message Scroll, allows broadcasts to be displayed in a way that does not distract clients as they work in Self Service.


And finally, the ability to save service requests as drafts allows clients to reopen the drafts and submit them. 


BMC Helix Remedyforce Console Filtering

With the advancement of the Salesforce Metadata API, we are now able to provide column filtering and provide you and your staff a more "Excel" like experience by building out filtering per column within the BMC Helix Remedyforce Console. 


Now staff can easily filter a given view based on Client or filter for tickets between two dates.


BMC Helix Remedyforce Value Adoption Dashboard

BMC Helix Remedyforce Utilization was launched as Beta in a recent release. This has been renamed to BMC Helix Remedyforce Value Adoption Dashboard and is now generally available. It allows our customers to assess their adoption of different feature sets. As they adopt more features, they are rewarded with badges at specific thresholds. Badges can be shared on public social networks. We are augmenting this information with KPIs on the incident management process along with benchmarks from other customers so that customers may see where they stand relative to others. Please note that KPIs and Benchmarks are Beta in Winter 19.


BMC Helix Remedyforce Integration with BMC Helix Chatbot

BMC Helix Chatbot is the starting point of bringing cognitive services to your end users so they can request services and knowledge when and where they need it using natural language processing. We excited to support this integration and bring the chatbot experience to your clients and users. 


Measuring Salesforce Mobile App Adoption

Records created from the Salesforce mobile app are now identified separately. This allows service desk managers to measure the adoption of the mobile app.


Service Target Reporting and SLA Dashboard

Service Target Reporting has been a big ask from our customers.  In Winter 19, you can now report on Elapsed Time, Time Remaining, and Paused Duration.  Additionally, with this new capability we are now introducing new reports along with the new Service Level Agreement Dashboard for Incidents and Service Requests.


Quickview Charting

As of 2020, Adobe Flash is no longer supported and it will come to its "end of life"; however, many modern browsers are already disabling Flash by default and making it hard and harder to enable.  To that end we are moving to a new charting technology called Highcharts.  This library will give customers a broader range of charts to choose from, in addition to being able to export and change viewing values on 3D charts.


JavaScript Buttons

While this isn't really a feature, it's a fundamental change we've had to make for BMC Helix Remedyforce based on feedback from Salesforce.  If you are using Salesforce standard pages, these changes will impact you as Salesforce is no longer supporting managed code for JavaScript buttons.  To that end the buttons will now actually load a Visualforce page which will in turn launch the corresponding JavaScript.  There will be a small impact to usability which we'll cover in demos and other broader communications as we move further with this project.


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You'll find attached to this blog post our Insights Desk PDF with additional links to the documentation of the feature as well as demos of the features.


Thank you for being our customer and being part of the new BMC Helix Remedyforce family!