Occasionally in my wanderings across Salesforce Communities, I come across articles that are of interest to me.  I found this one on Governance from Salesforce a great quick read and wanted to share and pass along to you.  I have also attached the white paper to this post. 


Blog Post: Simplify or Get Left Behind: Executing Faster with Lean Governance


White Paper:


The paper talks about trends in the marketplace that are helping organizations take on digital transformation and succeed by embracing technology in every aspect of the business and the company culture.  My favorite quote:


"Changing culture is like trying to move an iceberg.  The mistake leaders make over and over is that they focus their efforts on what they can see — the “above the waterline” activities, including the digital systems, processes, and structures to support their strategic vision.


But the real challenge — and the real opportunity for change — lies below the waterline. This includes the components that make up a company’s culture, such as normative rules, unwritten values, and cultural assumptions in the organization. Until leaders actively manage the below-the-waterline components of their transformation, they’ll fail to move their icebergs."