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The Remedyforce team has another reason to celebrate this season! We love to hear the words, “We are live!!” Particularly when we have a global customer and this month Congratulations to Hermitage Medical Clinic in Ireland on their Remedyforce go-live!


Hermitage Medical Clinic.jpgHermitage Medical Clinic’s mission is to provide excellence in care to all patients. The philosophy of Hermitage Medical Clinic is one of service and an acknowledgement of the holistic needs of patients not just from a clinical perspective for their presenting illness but also from a psychological, emotional and spiritual perspective also. The values that underpin our mission and philosophy include dignity, compassion, advocacy, quality and respect. There is a strong ethos of teamwork and the patient is at the forefront of everything that we do and strive for at the Hermitage Medical Clinic.


My name is Tina Vega and I am a Business Relationship Manager here at BMC. I have been working with Wilhelm Pettersson since they purchased Remedyforce in February of this year. They went live with Remedyforce in just a few months. Wilhelm has been working extremely hard on Remedyforce and we are very excited to have Hermitage Medical Clinic featured.


Value Realization

When asked what do you see as the value in Remedyforce? Wilhelm stated, "We had a few goals we wanted to archive with a new service desk tool, being ITIL, Reporting and enable self-service. We are currently going on a journey of digital transformation in the Hospital and felt it was vital to get IT working in a paperless environment but accessible, and this why we partnered with Remedyforce."


Their previous service desk tool didn't give the ability to follow ITIL and give good reporting. They looked around the market, but Remedyforce was selected as their ticketing solution. The implementation has been a steady one, to enable a phased approach in moving to ITIL based work process. There is already value coming from the system, with better reporting and insight. As Hermitage Medical Clinic moves into 2019, they expect to roll out more of the features to get us closer to a paperless environment in IT.


One look is worth a thousand words – take a look at their Value Timeline:

Hermitage Medical Clinic - Value Timeline.JPG






















On the Horizon

When asked what are you looking to do next in Remedyforce? Wilhelm stated, "Looking at what Winter 19 brings, as well as we are going to implement OneLogin in December 2018, and this will allow us to bring all our users on board for self-service. Also, we will rollout Service Requests, Change Management, build on our CMDB and more. Plus exploring the use of the platform for our HR and Operations Department."


It is wonderful to hear when a customer is live with the product and to see the value they have with the Remedyforce product. On behalf of the entire Remedyforce team, CONGRATULATIONS!


If you're a Remedyforce customer and have a great success story to share and highlight to our community, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Business Relationship Manager.