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Congratulations to City of Hope National Medical Center on their transition to Self-Service 3.0!!!  They went live with the current version of BMC Helix Remedyforce Self-Service on October 1st, and are now leveraging the power of Smart Suggestions to promote Remedyforce as a “Self-Help” interface.  The Smart Suggestions feature promotes self-service usage by enabling clients to resolve their own issues often before they submit an incident ticket or service request.

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The ITS organization at City of Hope National Medical Center currently supports approximately 6,400 client users.  The department selected the cloud-based BMC Remedyforce ITSM to replace the Touchpaper software system in 2013, and were swift adopters of much of Remedyforce’s broad capabilities and ITSM process areas.


The success of critical initiatives such as self-service depends on employee uptake and utilization and since the go-live of Self-Service 3.0, City of Hope client users have supplied very positive feedback about the new 3.0 interface on their laptops and mobile devices.  The intuitive portal user interface displays the service catalog to clients and lets them quickly get the help they need via knowledge articles, chat, or request submittal.


Smart Suggestions

City of Hope enabled the Smart Suggestions feature so the Smart Suggestions pane slides out when clients enter data in any of these three fields: Description, Category, or Service. Based on the data that the client enters, Smart Suggestions show the relevant information in the following sections and in the order that they were configured to be displayed:

  • Self Help Articles (Knowledge Articles)
  • Common Tickets
  • Service Requests
  • Broadcasts

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How the Smart Suggestions search works

Records are displayed in the Smart Suggestions pane based on the value entered in any of the three Category, Description or Service fields.  Depending on the values entered in these fields, a search is carried out to obtain a result that contains all values combined.


If there are no matching results for all the combined values, a search is carried out for separate values for each field.


If a search returns more than 15 results for a section, only 15 records are shown for that section.


If a client enters a value in the Service field, knowledge articles and service requests that are linked to the service are also displayed.


If there are no results from the search, the Smart Suggestions pane is not displayed.


Metrics hoping to achieve (and currently do):

Remedyforce Administrator, Michael Fabricius and the City of Hope ITS department plan to capture more in-depth SLA metrics as well as more self-service metrics with the intention of serving client employees even better.


What’s on the horizon now that City of Hope are live with Self Service 3.0

The continued promotion of clients submitting specific common requests for faster routing as well as clients obtaining answers (Knowledge Articles) quickly with Smart Suggestions. City of Hope intends to expand out its Knowledge Base further for client use.  By providing clients more helpful information with new Knowledge Articles in Smart Suggestions, City of hope is providing better service each day using Remedyforce.


Congrats and way to go City of Hope!

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City of Hope is a world leader in the research and treatment of cancer, diabetes, and other serious diseases. We deliver scientific miracles that make lives whole again.  Compassion is the heart of our approach and the driving force behind all our discoveries. Founded in 1913, City of Hope is one of only 49 comprehensive cancer centers in the nation, as designated by the National Cancer Institute.


Each innovative treatment we create gives people the chance to live longer, better and more fully.