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Salesforce is getting ready to release it's Winter 19 update which introduced 2 issues that may be experienced in Remedyforce.  These issues were found in the course of platform testing performed by the Remedyforce R&D Team.  Both issues noted below will be fixed and released in Patch 2 due out September 28th. Customers can self-upgrade after 9/28 or wait for the scheduled push on 10/5 for Sandboxes and 10/19 for Production Orgs.


IE 11 Issue

When using IE 11 browser in the Remedyforce Console, users are not able to Add Note, Send Email, perform New Action or Close records using ‘Close’ action.  A similar issue occurs in the record’s Details section.  See below impacts:

  • Remedyforce Workspace and Remedyforce Dashboard pages do not load.
  • Record Manifest page shows blank screen on save of Manifest.
  • New Action popup doesn’t load from Remedyforce Administration -> Manage Workflow and Other Process -> Service outage.

Blog Pic 2.png

Blog Pic 1.png


  1. Instead of Close action, you can use Quick Close or change status to Closed in Record form.
  2. For Add Note, New Action and Email, you can use Activity Feed or SmartView.
  3. You can use a different supported browser other than IE 11 for Manifest page, RF Workspace and RF Dashboard.


Launch Console Issue

When a global Salesforce search is requested in Lightning, the search results of Incident, Service Request, Task, Change, Problem, Release and Broadcast doesn’t open in the Remedyforce Console, if “Launch Console” hyperlink field is clicked.

Blog Pic 3.png

Workaround : Right click the Launch Console hyperlink and open in a new tab.



  1. Self-Upgrade - Self-upgrading by installing the managed package - Documentation for BMC Remedyforce 20.18.02 - BMC Documentation
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