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The Incident Console and Task Console were intended as precursors to the Remedyforce Console. You may recall we introduced the Remedyforce Console in Winter 15 and a new and improved Remedyforce Console in the Winter 17 Release.  BMC announced with the Summer 17 release that we will no longer support the stand-alone consoles for incidents and tasks. If you are still using the stand-alone consoles, we recommend that you migrate to the Remedyforce Console immediately and encourage you to contact your Business Relationship Manager if you need assistance.


Incident & Task Consoles:

Incident Task Consoles.jpg

Remedyforce Console:

RF Console.PNG


Reference:  See Transition to the RF Console Enablement Kits for Administrators and Staff as these are helpful documents if you have not yet moved to the Remedyforce Console and need assistance with the move.


Product Announcement

Remedyforce Enablement Kits - Remedyforce Enablement Kits