It's summer time and the living is easy, or, depending on where you live, it may be hot, Hot, HOT!  Either way, we've got some hot new features for you plus we have some things that are "in flight" that we can't wait to talk to you about!


Self Service 3.0 Enhancements

  • Enhanced Search:  The search box has been moved from the side bar to the main panel allowing more room and includes Broadcasts in the search results.  It also has the option to create a ticket in case the client cannot find what they are looking for
  • Smart Suggestions have been added to Self Service 3.0
  • Allow for filtering of Configuration Items/Assets based on Account and Client
  • Allow clients to export their list of Incidents and Service Requests including those of others if they have the right to manage


Remedyforce Console

  • Extend Page Layouts to support Change Requests
  • Allow assignment of Status’ based on Page Layout
  • Productize custom setting (Console_LayoutAccessValidation) so customers don’t have to modify a custom setting
  • Allow admins to restrict staff access to records when the Staff and Client are the same
  • Allow staff to select their preferred landing page within the Console
  • Allow staff to have more than one list view open within the Console (for example to have both the Incident list and Task list open at the same time)


Activity Feed and E-mail Conversation

  • Allow for staff to reply to E-mail directly within the Activity Feed
  • Add the ability to have all Actions available from Activity Feed
    • We also have added an icon to identify those actions that are shared with clients via Self Service
  • Support for sending and viewing Rich Text Emails from Activity Feed
  • Add back Staff and Client links to records from within E-mail
  • Allow staff to add merge fields into emails
  • Support for Staff E-mail Signatures


Service Level Management

  • Allow for logical grouping of Service Targets (including support for AND, OR, and parenthesis grouping


CMDB Improvements (ongoing)

  • We've been hard at work talking to customers and identifying improvements we can make to our CMDB both in way of user interface and usability.  Work will continue in the next release.


[ALPHA] Remedyforce Chatbot

  • We have started work on a Remedyforce Chatbot that will help your clients and do the heavy lifting in getting users to exactly what they need!
  • Still Alpha but we'll soon have something we can demo and talk about what's coming next!


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Lastly, for the first time, we're making our Insights Deck available to you in PDF format with additional links to the documentation for the feature as well as demos of the feature.


As always...thank you for being our customer and being a part of the BMC Remedyforce family!