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BMC Remedyforce which is built on Salesforce App Cloud, comes loaded with many features and comprehensive functionality. As a BMC Helix Remedyforce administrator you may come across lot of configurations. In this blog we will talk about some of the important check boxes which will help admins with initial setup, user access, permissions


Check box


Where is this?


ServiceDesk Staff

This will mark user as staff

Manage Users> User details

This will help to identify which user is staff. Also helps for licensing. The box identifies the licensed agents - “Named users”.

Remedyforce Knowledge User

if checked gives ability to Publish knowledge article to that Agent

Manage Users> User details

Helps to give specific user ability to publish knowledge articles

Remedyforce Casual User

Flag this to track Casual licenses

Manage Users> User details

Helps in tracking Casual user’s usage. Note - You should still check ServiceDesk Staff checkbox.

Out of office

Check this to flag staff as out of office

Manage Users> User details

Agents will see a waring message if they try to assign record to this user once this is checked on the user profile.

Manage ServiceDesk Staff Member

Gives ability to create or edit staff from “Client” form

Manage Users> User details

Manage agents from Clients form Remedyforce administration > Mange users> Clients

Remedyforce Administrator

Gives admin access like ability to Create, edit delete custom Quick views. They can copy OTB quickviews

Manage Users> User details

Manage out of box Quickviews and custom quick views

Manage QuickViews

Gives access to create, edit delete quick views

Manage Users> User details

Console Quickvew create, edit, delete access

Enable Chat

Agent can chat with end users

Manage Users> User details

Part of chat configuration steps


Flag user as VIP

Manage Users> User details

Helps to identify VIP users/Clients

Override Black out

Gives ability to create emergency change during black out period or service outage

Manage Users> User details

Additional access to change manager

Mobile User

Salesforce mobile web support

Manage Users> User details

Salesforce mobile web browser instead of full site

Email notification

Suppress new user email notification

Remedyforce administration > Manage users> User settings

When importing or creating user if you do not want to notify with credentials

Limit closed incidents (recently completed requests) to

Do not show incidents or SR closed than x number of days

Remedyforce Administration >Configure Self Service> Incidents

Helps to limit Closed incidents on Self service portal

Enable Collapsible Sidebar

Can collapse the section on record detail page if set to true

Setup> Build> Customize > User Interface

This makes pages more readable as sections could be collapsed for an example Remedyforce Search box on left

Enhanced Profile User Interface

Easily manage profile

Setup >User Management Settings> Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface.

Different view for profiles GUI wise, this is new streamlined user interface


Other FAQ

1) I don’t see a staff member in the Queue popup and can’t assign records

This is due to the ServiceDesk Staff checkbox is not checked for this user. Make sure you check this box under Manager Users > User > that User


2) I don’t see the some of the above checkboxes on user object

Login as admin >Go to Setup> Build> customize > users > Page layout >Edit Page layout and add it.


3) Can I block notification for newly created users?

Yes. Yes go to Remedyforce administration > User settings > uncheck email notification > Send email to newly created users.


4) Do I have to manually check these boxes?

Most of the set up or access can be automated with user provisioning piece.


5) Can I get make updates or send alerts on user updates?

Yes, you can write workflow on user object. Say if user is created send alert to xyz.


6) Can I disable workflow notification while testing?

There are different ways to address this however if you would like to turn off all workflow alerts then go to Setup > Deliverability > Assess to Send email to “System email only”

Note - Do not do this on live or production system. This will stop all alerts including mail listners.


7) My profile view looks different. How do I change this?

You may have either turn on or off the “Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface”. You can change the settings if needed from setup >User Management Settings. Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface.


Important Notes:

  • Always make changes on sandbox to test.
  • If you are existing Salesforce customer, just not using Remedyforce then be careful when making changes some of these settings, discus with other admins before making this.
  • Please note some features may require additional steps however this is quick overview


Happy administration!