This is a little unusual post, most of my counterparts that post to our community provide great content around how to get more value from the services BMC offer. See Mike Levelier’s impressive video series here on creating request definitions in Remedyforce or discussing the latest enhancements to the service, see Poppi Turlich’s posting on the latest release of Digital Workplace & SmartIT here Engaging with customers as part of communities is a small part of what your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will do. The CSM that you work with has a number of responsibilities but I like to think of the role as a guide for customers that navigates them on their journey. Some customers have a clear destination in mind for that journey other customers need a little more guidance on their destination and how to get there. Interestingly I haven’t come across a customer yet that hasn’t needed a guide or just someone to bounce ideas off from time to time. The CSM you work with has a pool of experience and resources to call up on to help you on your journey, that is a topic for another post though.

Right now, you are thinking where is this going… Well recently I welcomed a new customer to Remedy as a Service and as part of that welcome we discussed some of the aspects of the (CSM) role and this customer asked a couple questions around what other things could I do to help them and this got me thinking. If this new customer has questions then surely other customers have questions or even better ideas about what they would like their CSM to offer that they do not get today, that would help them on their journey. For those customers that have taken the time to read my post, I would love to hear from you with ideas on what would help you on your journey with Remedyforce or Remedy as a Service. Similarly, if you have questions that are keeping you up at night please go ahead and ask them.