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Has Spring sprung where you are?  I think the north east of the United States is battling their third round of "Snow and Ice" in as many weeks.  Here is Texas, Mother Nature continues to tease us.  One day you think we're starting to warm up, next day winds are out of the North and I realize I can't exactly put away my winter least not until April 15th!


Speaking of Spring, next Tuesday is the first day of Spring, so we're not too far off that point.  And with that, here is the Salesforce March 2018 Tech Updates!


URL Format Change for Lightning Experience and the Salesforce Mobile App

In the upcoming Salesforce Summer 18 release, the URL format used by Lightning Experience standard apps, console apps, and the Salesforce mobile app will be changing.  This will address an issue of being redirected to an unexpected location when accessing Lightning Experience URLs before authenticating.  We are watching this closely and are testing with the Critical Update currently available in Spring 18.


See Page 5 for details.


TLS 1.0 Disablement Schedule

While TLS 1.0 has already been disabled for all inbound and outbound connections to Salesforce, TLS 1.0 for Communities was disabled on March 10th.


See Page 6 & 7 for details.


Instance Refreshes 2018

Salesforce continues to refresh their infrastructure regularly to ensure customer success.  They intend to provide approximately 4 months notice to impacted customers regarding the dates of instance refreshes once they are confirmed.


Remember, best practice is to:

  • Enable My Domain
  • Replace Hard-coded References
  • Whitelist Salesforce IPs
  • Plan around System Maintenance Windows


See Page 8, Pages 15 - 16, and Page 19  for details.


New: Updated Trust Status Site  

Have you signed up to receive notifications about your Salesforce Org?  If not, the Salesforce Trust Site is a great tool and you can sign up for those notifications.  The Trust Site is being refreshed again to allow for additional Salesforce products to be featured.


See Page 9 & Page 17 for details.


Continuous Site Swtiching

Continuous Site Switching entails switching each Salesforce instance to its ready site approximately once every 6 months for maintenance, compliance, and disaster recovery purposes.


See Page 10 for details and the 2018 Schedule through July 2018.  Also see page 19 for Salesforce System Maintenance Schedule.


Feature Retirements

  • W2C/W2L & Endpoints to retire March 9, 2018
  • Chatter Messenger to retire on March 30, 2018
  • Files Sync will be retired on May 25, 2018
  • SOAP API Legacy Versions will retire in Summer '18
  • Chatter Desktop will be retired on Summer '18
  • Pardot GoodData connector will retire on February 1, 2019


See Page 11 & Pages 21 - 27.