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Winter is coming here! (This of course is my wink and a nod to the avid GoT fans among us and may appreciate). Remedyforce Winter 18 is here and though there are no dragons – there are epic new features and functionality that are sure to enhance your Remedyforce experience.


There is so much to be excited about in this release around Self-Service, page layouts, Salesforce Lightning components and you can read a high level summary here as well as check out the demo videos - so what I want to do with my blog here is narrow in on one feature that I think might just be a game changer.


Now in this release it’s a Beta feature, but by highlighting it here, my hope is that customers check it out – give us feedback – so we can continue to enhance the capability to move from Beta to standard feature set in the next release.  But it’s important to call that out.


As a Remedyforce Administrator, have you found yourself wondering “have I taken full advantage of all the new features and functionality per release?”, or, “what am I missing – did I forget to opt into a new feature?”, or “how am I doing compared to other Remedyforce customers?” – if so this feature is worth checking out.


What Is It?


The Remedyforce Utilization feature is a widget that when enabled can be used by Remedyforce Administrators to understand how well they are using the full capabilities of features and functions within Remedyforce. Using a bit of gamification, this beta feature allows an Administrator to see options for further maximizing their Remedyforce usage and provide a guided tour that provides further information on those un-utilized features.


How Do I Access It?

You can access this beta feature that is located on the Remedyforce Administrator tab next to the “Rate your experience” link. Click on “Remedyforce Utilization”.


How Do I Use It?

When you first access the Remedyforce Utilization feature, the first thing you will see is a high level summary chart with commentary about what your overall usage is of provided capabilities. In other words – it’s a scorecard! In my ORG, I’m showing 70% as my score.


From here, I can click on the pie chart and see the details behind the summary. This is what you’ll see next –


I like this capability so I can see exactly where I’m doing well and where I might want to spend some time examining what other features exist that I haven’t necessarily thought about using.

And now from this view – I can go even further. For example, if I’m curious about my Incident Management 80% score – I can click on the green status bar. When I do that, I’m presented with some fun (this is the gamification!) score cards per feature.

What I love about this is that I can click on each card and be presented with more information.

When I click on a card for example that shows me as “completed”, I can see the following -


This is really helpful for the cards that show that I have zero points/ “not started” – so when I click on “Know More” – I am directed to the relevant documentation for that particular feature. For example, I have not enabled Auto Assignment so I can click on “Know More” and it directs me to read all about Auto Assignment.


If I like what I see, then maybe then I decide to check it out in my sandbox and see the value it brings me.


What’s Next?

Depending on customer feedback and our roadmap plans – we see a lot of potential here and hope to continue to enhance your experience with these feature – so stay tuned! We’ve got some ideas already on how to enhance this feature in upcoming releases but please share your feedback with your Customer Success Manager as well!


Don’t Forget!

We hope you are having a great experience with our Customer Success Organization and really seeing the value from your individual Business Relationship Manager. Your BRM has a resource that can also assist you with understanding all the features and functions of Remedyforce current and past releases. It’s a useful planning tool that you can leverage to indicate what features and functions you have already adopted – or are planning to adopt – or don’t plan to adopt (and give you an opportunity to tell us why so we can share with our Product Management team)!


Ready to check this out? You can review the Remedyforce Upgrade Schedule for information on planned automatic upgrade dates for Winter 18 – and if you prefer to self-upgrade, don’t forget our best practice advice to start with your sandbox.


We always want to hear from you so drop us a line at – enjoy!