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This blog provides information about the Encryption Impact Report, such as what is the Encryption Impact Report, why do you need, and how can it help you.


What is Salesforce Platform Encryption?

Salesforce Platform Encryption gives data a new layer of security, but at the same time preserves the critical platform functionality. You can use this feature to encrypt sensitive data that is at rest.


Why use Salesforce Platform Encryption?

With Salesforce Platform Encryption, companies can encrypt sensitive data for compliance with common regulatory requirements. Thus, it enables companies to confidently comply with privacy policies, regulatory requirements, and contractual obligations for handling private data.


What is the Encryption Impact Report?

If Platform Encryption has been enabled for Remedyforce and supported fields have been encrypted, then Remedyforce Administrator can run and  view the Encryption Impact Report. The report provides detailed information about the encrypted fields, Text Area (Rich) fields, and impacted areas.


Why should you view the Encryption Impact Report?

When you encrypt fields, conditions that contain those encrypted fields get affected. As a result, you might notice that at some places the data is not shown correctly. For example, a condition on a look up filter might get ignored if it contains an encrypted field and the look up starts showing all values. In such cases, it is useful to run and view the Encryption Impact Report to check if the encryption has caused this issue and what are the corrective measures that you can take.


What information does the Encryption Impact Report provides?

Encryption Impact Report provides information about the encrypted fields used in the following filter criteria along with the recommendations for corrective actions. In addition to this, the Encryption Impact Report also provides information about Text Area (Rich) fields used in the Request Definition input fields.



Note: Text Area (Rich) fields cannot be encrypted. Hence, we have reported these fields for Request Definitions. Remedyforce Administrators can replace the Text Area (Rich) fields with Text Area fields if these fields are expected to contain sensitive data for a Service Request.


How to generate the Encryption Impact Report?

The Encryption Impact Report can be can be generated on-demand by Remedyforce Administrators. It is quite simple to generate this report. All you have to do is to navigate to the Remedyforce Administration > Application Settings > General Application settings page and click Encryption Impact Report in the Salesforce Platform Encryption section as shown in the following image.


When you click Encryption Impact Report, the Encryption Impact Report tab is displayed where you need to click Scan Now.


After scanning is complete, the scan date and report link is provided. To view the report, click the Encryption Impact Report link.


What does the Encryption Impact Report look like?

The report is grouped by the impacted feature and provides recommendations on what action needs to be taken along with its severity.


The following image shows how the report looks like.



FAQs around the Encryption Report?

Question: What is the impact if I do not have this report?

Answer: Without the Encryption Impact Report, one cannot easily keep track of encrypted fields, rich text fields, and related impacted areas. Especially in large organizations, it might be practically impossible to identify impacted areas manually.

Question: What all information does it show?

Answer: The report shows the impacted areas where the encrypted fields are being used. Hence, it becomes easy to take the corrective actions.

Some considerations

  • The Encryption Impact Report button on the Remedyforce Administrator settings page is enabled only after the Support Salesforce Platform Encryption in Remedyforce check box is selected.
  • The report processing is done in the background and takes time depending on the volume of data to be processed. The Scan Now button is disabled until the processing is complete.
  • After initiating the scan, it is recommended to revisit the Encryption Impact Report tab to view the report only after some time has elapsed, say about 30 minutes.
  • In case of any error in report generation, an error message is displayed and the report might have incomplete or no data. Administrator needs to try running the scan again after some time in such cases.
  • The report does not cover information about:
    • CMDB Reconciliation Rules
    • CMDB Fulfilment Criteria defined in Request Definition
    • Text Area (Rich) fields used in Remedyforce Console and Self Service Forms
  • On initiating a new scan, previous scan results are cleared.


Let’s look at some benefits of the Report

  • It provides a one-stop shop for Remedyforce Administrators to get details of mentioned impacted areas and respective corrective actions where the encrypted fields & Text Area (Rich) fields are used.
  • It saves administrators the time to search and identify such fields and impacted areas to take corrective actions or to decide what further action needs to be taken.
  • Running this report on Sandboxes helps Administrators decide whether they would like to encrypt the field on Production or not.



Thank you for reading this blog. I would love to hear your thoughts for the same. If you need further information you can refer following links:


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