A single minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.


Today’s modern workforce prefer a visual demonstration over reading any article or content. According to the analytics shared in the Video Retention Rates blog, an average user spends 88% more time on a website with video than a website without one.  As videos are more engaging than the written content, viewers can retain more information as compared to when they read the textual information. Keeping this in mind, Remedyforce has introduced the ability to embed videos in Knowledge Articles that addresses the following two issues:

  • Users sometimes find it hard to follow steps. A video helps reinforce the steps and can help answer lingering questions.
  • Some users prefer videos to reading text.  This offers another channel for the user to learn something.


How are embedded videos helpful?

Consider a scenario where multiple clients raise tickets for a common issue, such as “Skype for Business” is not working. In such a scenario, all affected users log tickets that take time to get resolved. Users are blocked from using IM for a certain duration until their tickets are resolved. At the same time, agents have to address the same issue for all the affected users. At such times, the affected users can take help of knowledge articles that would help them resolve their issue without having to wait for an agent to respond. In addition to the textual content, users can also refer to the videos embedded in the knowledge article, if any, to resolve the issue in time. Even agents addressing the issue can refer the knowledge article and the videos to resolve the issue in a shorter duration.


How does the feature work?

Earlier, a knowledge article comprised a heading with a descriptive text-only solution. With the restructuring of the knowledge article object, the knowledge article has different sections as follows.

  • There is a text section to describe the steps to be followed to resolve an issue.
  • Thereafter, there is a video section to embed a streaming video. This video can augment the text content in the previous section.


The following image shows a how the knowledge article preview looks like with embedded video.

Where do you store the videos?

Videos are not stored in Remedyforce; they can be stored on any site that supports video streaming, such as Vimeo and YouTube. It can also be a service in your data centre which supports video streaming. For details on how to embed videos in knowledge article, click here.