I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic at this time of year, so I wanted to recap the AMAZING year our Remedyforce product had in 2017! We launched two full releases in 2017: Winter 17 and Summer 17. This is also a good reminder to review what you as our valued Remedyforce customers chose to enable from both releases this year, and what you perhaps have tabled to visit in the new year. For that matter, we’ve taken the guess work out of ALL our Remedyforce releases so if you would like to recap features and functionality from each one of our previous Remedyforce releases, please reach out to your dedicated Business Relationship Manager on our Customer Success Team and ask them to review the “Remedyforce Feature Function Health Tracker” with you.


So please indulge me a little and join me in looking back at 2017! Where did the year go?


Winter 17


Winter 17 was released in January of 2017 and boy was it a FANTASTIC one! Probably the two biggest stories around Winter 17 were the user interface enhancements we made to the Remedyforce Console UI as well as the official release of our new Self Service 3.0 UI. The goal of these major enhancements was to increase productivity and user adoption. We heard you loud and clear and so we delivered!


Starting from a Remedyforce Console UI perspective, we introduced the re-styling of the console. The new interface allowed for console functionality like view customization (the Column Headers field set became a "template" of sorts where you as the administrator decided what fields your staff could use in the Console View for a given module, and they decided what fields they want to see and what order!). The new “Assign to Me” functionality was included as well in that under Change Owner, your staff could now select multiple records and very easily assign those records to themselves (as long as they were a member of the associated Queue of course). Better visualization for "new" records in the Console was made available (similar to what you see with new emails highlighted, you can highlight new records in the same way). Support for Salesforce Lightning Experience was enabled as well in the Remedyforce Console. These were just a few key highlights.


User productivity was shown to be increased through added functionality:

  • Single click record assignment saves staff time. Easily assign records to a user.
    • Activity Feed shows staff all actions and attachments associated with a record on the main screen.
  • SmartViews help visualize where a record lives within its own ecosystem.  For example, a SmartView of a Service Request can visually show you all the tasks, services, assets/CIs change requests, attachments and notes that are associated with that record. A great example of this is a complex Service Request for onboarding an employee.
    • Shows notes and attachments assigned to each record associated with the record being viewed.
  • Knowledge articles support embedded video to assist with faster problem resolution.


And for those of our Remedyforce customers utilizing self-service as a service channel for your customers to decrease agent logged tickets (freeing them up to focus on more complex incidents or perhaps problem tickets!), in Winter 17 we provided you with a modern, intuitive self-service portal to allow for increased end-user adoption of self-service by making it easier to find information. Key highlights here included:


  • Branding – set color schemes and logos to match your organization’s look and feel
  • Tile Visibility and Control that allowed you to control what is available on self service
  • Self Help Articles and Service Health were made easily accessible in self service
    • Ability to embed videos in knowledge articles so users can resolve their issues faster.


And then just to round it all out and give you even more, we provided the Smart Practices Content packs for HR and Facilities! As a recap, these little “free” packages of goodness used best practices and requests gathered from our customers to help you quickly implement Remedyforce in departments outside of IT reducing the time to configure Non-IT service requests and recognize your Remedyforce investment immediately.


Summer 17

Summer 17 was released in July of 2017 - ah yes, the dog-daze of summer! Summer ’17 further extended the benefits that Remedyforce customers enjoy in that organizations of all sizes and maturity levels could compete on a level playing field as they digitally transform their business with enterprise-level encryption, self-service, and CMDB reconciliation.


Remedyforce Summer 17 introduced support for Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption for customers who have identified a need for encrypting their Remedyforce data at rest (as opposed to data transmitted over a network). This allows companies to confidently comply with privacy policies, regulatory requirements, and contractual obligations for handling private, sensitive and proprietary data.


CMDB Reconciliation was a well-received addition in Summer 17! We were so excited for this intuitive rule-based CMDB reconciliation capability to improve data quality while reducing the risk of data duplication across multiple data sources. Key highlights included:

  • Easily define and manage rules by class
  • The power to create simple (ex. single field) or complex (ex. multi-field) rules.
  • Enforced from any source including imports and user entry
  • Detailed and consolidated logging to track reconciliation activities by record for quick troubleshooting


Speaking of the CMDB we also provided you with convenient and quick access to CI/Asset details from Incidents. Key highlights here included:

  • Configurable tooltip to view CI/asset details, enabling the administrator to define which fields appear when hovering over any associated CIs/assets
  • Option to drill into CI/asset details for additional analysis


And last (but not the least!) we also used the Summer 17 release to continue to build on the user experience enhancements from Winter 17: the Remedyforce Console and Self-Service 3.0. Improvements to the console enabled staff and admins to quickly work through tickets and service requests and improvements to Self-Service 3.0 provided for:


  • Enriched service catalog with images and rich text description to enable end-users to select the most appropriate service request.
  • Flagging of requests that require action by end-users to improve speed of closure of tickets, improve end-user satisfaction with service desk, and meet SLAs.
  • Quickly searching for your existing requests on any field and set up filter criteria on existing requests. The system remembers your filters, so you do not have to enter them every time.
  • Customize summary record card to display relevant information to end-users as they browse through their requests.
  • User lookups have been enhanced with users’ profile photo, name, and email, making it easier to select the right users to create requests on behalf of.


The best is yet to come….


     I’m so excited for the wonderful promise of a fresh exciting new year. In the Remedyforce world, 2018 promises to deliver two more exciting Remedyforce releases (Winter 18 and Summer 18 of course!).


Have you joined our Winter 18 Early Access Program yet? As a reminder, The Early Access Program lets you get exclusive access to the upcoming Remedyforce Winter 18 release (hosted in our Sandbox) as well as insight into the release, demos, and access to our product management team as well as some of our R&D team.


As always you can contact your dedicated Business Relationship Manager for more information with respect to what’s coming in Winter 18 and beyond! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us


Thank you!


As I close out my last blog post of 2017 <sigh> I want to offer a very special THANK YOU and hearty acknowledgement of our Remedyforce AMAZING Product Management team for an amazing product year: Chad Haftorson Virginia Leandro John Fulton Nikhil Deshpande  of course extreme gratitude for our amazing development team!!


And on behalf of our entire Remedyforce family across the globe…we want to extend a very warm thank you to YOU – our Remedyforce customers – thank you for your continued trust in BMC and Remedyforce.


Happy Holidays everyone!! See you in 2018!!