As we head into year end, Salesforce has combined their November/December 2017 Tech Update. 


Upgrading Email to TLS 1.1+

TLS 1.0 for inbound and outbound connections to Salesforce were disabled this year between July 22 through November 11th.  Salesforce is now announcing that TLS 1.0 for email will be disabled starting on March 6, 2018.  This disablement will be completed on all Salesforce instances by March 8, 2018.


No action will be required if your company email supports TLS 1.1 or higher for email. 


See pages 5 & 14 for details.


Default Certificate Retirement Impacts SAML SSO

Salesforce is retiring their default certificate.  If your organization uses Service Provider (SP)-Initiated SAML login to Salesforce and your Identity Provider validates signatures in SAML requests you will be impacted.  Please contact your Service Provider to see if you will be impacted.


Details can be found here:


See page 6 for details.


Instance Refreshes

EU5: Saturday, December 2, 2017 between 22:00 - 00:30 UTC

EU2, EU3: Sunday, December 3, 2017 between 03:00 - 05:30 UTC


For more information:


See pages 7, 16 - 17, and 19 for details.


Site Switch Schedule

Each Salesforce instance is built and maintained in two geographically separate locations.  Site Switches allow Salesforce to switch the location of the active site for maintenance, compliance, and disaster recovery purposes.


Details can be found here:


See page 8 for details.


Feature Retirements

Feature retirements and details can be found here:


Ones of note:

  • Salesforce Classic Mobile App to Retire on December 1, 2017 (See page 23 for details)
  • SOAP API Legacy Versions will retire in Summer '18 (details on page 25).


Plan and Prepare for Org Maintenance & Releases Site

Salesforce has a new and improved Plan and Prepare for Org Maintenance and Releases stie.  See here:


Trust Notifications - Self-Subscribe

Be sure and sign up for Trust notifications for your Salesforce site. 


See page 18 for details.


Salesforce System Maintenance Schedule

Salesforce now publishes their System Maintenance Schedule.


See page 21 for details.