BMC Software and the Tools, Technology & Training (T3) community were actively listening to our customers and so they acted. The first ‘T3: Service Management & Automation Conference’ was launched last week in Las Vegas and boy what a content rich week it was!


As a recap, the T3 conference was organized by Tools, Technology & Training (T3). As the Flagship sponsor, BMC worked hand in hand with providing full support in running the conference to provide an interactive, educational experience for attendees looking to gain mindshare and hands-on views to the latest best-of-breed technologies. Together, they delivered a robust conference focused on giving you an in-depth perspective on the valuable Tools, Technology and Training that will help you succeed in your roles and accomplishing your business needs!


BMC Remedyforce was highly prominent as the messaging was all around Digital Transformation, Cloud Technologies and the cognitive digital workplace. We’re sorry to have missed you if you couldn’t join us, but here is a glimpse into the educational content that perhaps will get you excited to join us for the next one! The days were jammed packed with learning sessions focused on hands on demonstrations and knowledgeable presenters coordinating your day from the early morning breakfast sessions through to the relaxed but informative evening networking events. We all know that conferences are all about the sessions so here is a look at some of the well-received Remedyforce sessions that got the groups talking!


One of the highest ranked Remedyforce sessions was ‘Creating and Configuring Service Requests’ presented by Aaron Sebastian. This session was focused on helping Remedyforce customers understand how to design service request definitions to capture service requirements, have them approved, route them to appropriate teams across your service organization for fulfillment, set up SLAs, and measure service desk effectiveness. Aaron showed us that you can take really any business service and model it through the process of creating a service request available for your consumers. Don’t forget you can always check out our Customer Success Video series for a very detailed video demonstration of creating and configuring request definitions produced by CSM Mike Leveiller.


Lisa Kraas walked us through how to ‘Enable a Digital Workforce with Remedyforce and Salesforce’. In this interactive session, Lisa demonstrated to us that the Digital Workplace is an essential piece of the Digital Transformation roadmap as organizations look to enable new, more effective ways of working while raising Employee Engagement and bringing consumer like experiences to their workforce. She helped us explore the ways Remedyforce can support these Digital Workplace initiatives with real world examples to inspire Customers to action. She focused on self-service, mobility and collaboration and my favorite nugget was the way she highlighted the value from the smart content packs for HR and Facilities service offerings. Really great information!


And a conference on Service Management really wouldn’t be complete without the wisdom presented by our very own John Fulton. John delivered a few popular sessions focused on IT Asset Management, Discovery and Configuration Management & the CMDB. In ‘Discover Discovery Everywhere’ John taught us about how Remedyforce Agentless Discovery can be the starting point for maturing one’s discovery strategy and he also discussed the maturity levels and solutions associated with each stage depending on an organization’s focus and maturity. This session created a real buzz of discussion! One of John’s call to actions included reviewing the FAQ on Agentless Discovery and Client Management.


John also captivated his audience in ‘Remedyforce CMDB: Getting the most out of the Remedyforce CMDB for Asset and Change Management’. In this session, John taught us how the Remedyforce CMDB offers a range of innovative capabilities to simplify and deliver asset and configuration management including dynamic co-existence of both CIs and asset, data reconciliation, normalization and modeling to improve data quality along with graphical views via the CMDB Explorer to see the relationships, just to name a few.


I think the high value of all these sessions I’ve highlighted here in addition to all the other Remedyforce sessions delivered, was the mix of theory (slides) to hands on demonstration and walk through of the powerful Remedyforce solution. My session on ‘Implementing a CMDB: A step by step guide’ was a high level summary of the “Adopt a CMDB Program” that I highlighted a few months ago here on Remedyforce Communities. Please do check it out!


So from Remedyforce Service Request Management to the CMDB to Discovery through enabling the Digital Enterprise – the conference really did have something for everyone. As always keep following us on communities and engage our Remedyforce Customer Success team by contacting us through for information on future conferences and events - including T3 2018!