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What is Salesforce Platform Encryption?

Salesforce Platform Encryption gives data a new layer of security, but at the same time preserves the critical platform functionality. You can use this feature to encrypt sensitive data that is at rest.


Why use Salesforce Platform Encryption?

With Salesforce Platform Encryption, companies can encrypt sensitive data for compliance with common regulatory requirements. Thus, it enables companies to confidently comply with privacy policies, regulatory requirements, and contractual obligations for handling private data.

Remedyforce email conversation and Platform Encryption

Remedyforce email conversation comes into picture when any of the following actions is performed that includes both plain text, Rich Text, or HTML formats:

  • A client raising a ticket through email.
  • A staff or an administrator replying to the client’s Email through an Email Conversation.
  • A client replying to a staff’s or an administrator’s Email through an Email Conversation

Customers can now encrypt email conversations by enabling Platform Encryption and encrypting the Note field of the History object.

Do you see yourself asking the following questions?

  • What will happen to the email data that is Rich Text formatted?
  • What will happen to the embedded images in emails? Will they get lost?
  • What will happen to the email content? Will it get corrupted?


The answers are right here

Support for encrypting a Rich Text field is yet to be offered in Platform Encryption. However, with Remedyforce we have found a way to work around this limitation with minimal impact on existing functionality.

The following points should be considered while sending or receiving emails in Rich Text Format containing embedded images and formatted text.

  • All incoming emails that are received to create an incident or are a part of an Email Conversation are captured and displayed in Remedyforce as plain text.
  • All outgoing emails are received by the recipient in Rich Text Format. However, that Email within Remedyforce is stored and viewed in plain text only.
  • All emails that are in Rich Text Format are saved as plain text in the Note
  • Rich Text formatting and embedded images are not saved in the Email Conversation history. However, embedded images are available as a part of attachments in the Notes & Attachment section of the Record Details page.


Email conversation before encryption

The following image shows how an email conversation looks like before encryption.



Some Considerations before implementing Platform Encryption

  • Salesforce Platform Encryption (PE) is an additional cost to customers, which they must purchase if they want to avail the Platform Encryption feature.  Customers can reach out to their Remedyforce Business Relationship Manager or Account Manager for any pricing related information.
  • Once the customer purchases PE, depending on their needs we have equipped Remedyforce Summer 17 with an Encryption Library.
  • Administrators can encrypt only those fields that are supported by Remedyforce. To view the list of fields that are available for encryption, click here

Enabling Platform Encryption for Remedyforce

Encryption feature can be enabled in Remedyforce by going to the Remedyforce Administration > Application Settings > General Application Settings page and selecting the Salesforce Platform Encryption check box.

Encrypting object fields

Following is an example of encrypting fields of Incident and Incident History objects.

  1. 1. Go to Setup > Incident.
  2. 2. Edit fields that can be encrypted by selecting the Encrypted check box.
  3. 3. Go to Setup > Incident History > Note (Note field stores data of Email Conversations).
  4. 4. Edit Note field by selecting the Encrypted check box.
  5. 5. After encrypting fields, Email Conversation is shown as plain text.


Email conversation after encryption

The following image shows how an email conversation looks like after encryption.




Benefits of encrypting emails

The benefit of encrypting emails is that it enables customers to send and receive emails that may be confidential, without any worry or hesitation as the data at rest gets encrypted. The decision to implement Platform Encryption doesn’t impact the quality of Email Conversation with clients. Clients will continue to have the same existing experience with Email Conversations.


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