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We are excited to announce the launching of the first ‘T3: Service Management & Automation Conference’ to be held during the week of November 6, 2017 at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

The conference is being put on by Tools, Technology & Training (T3). As the Flagship sponsor, BMC is providing T3 with full support in running the conference to provide an interactive, educational experience for attendees looking to gain mindshare and hands-on views to the latest best-of-breed technologies. Together, we plan to bring to you a robust conference focused on giving you an in-depth perspective on the valuable Tools, Technology and Training that will help you succeed in your roles and accomplishing your business needs!

We look forward to seeing you all in Vegas!

Below an overview of the Remedyforce sessions taking place. A more detailed schedule, like dates and times for the sessions, you can find on

Using Remedyforce Self Service 3.0 - More Powerful and Intuitive Than Ever

Aaron Sebastian
BMC Software

Remedyforce Self Service 3.0 is a modern, fast, intuitive self-service portal that enables your end-users to find solutions to their issues and seek fulfillment of routine service requests. This session will help participants understand how Remedyforce Self Service 3.0 can enable them to increase self-service usage and drive customer satisfaction. The first part of the session will cover administration to enable service desk managers/analysts to configure the self-service portal for meeting their specific needs. This includes setting up branding, service catalog, ticket templates, knowledge articles, service health, and customizing the home page display. Branding allows admins to apply logos and color schemes appropriate to their company. Common service requests and ticket templates allow admins to prominently display the most commonly used templates on the home page. Knowledge articles allow end-users to resolve their issues by themselves. Service health is a dashboard that allows end-users to view current and upcoming outages. The second part of the session will cover how end-users can leverage the power of Remedyforce to fulfill their service needs. Tips and tricks for leveraging features of Remedyforce also will be covered, to enable service desks to close requests to the complete satisfaction of end-users and meet SLAs. Best practices of leveraging Remedyforce self-service will be shared.

Enabling a digital workforce with Remedyforce and Salesforce

Lisa Kraas
BMC Software

What connects the numbers 64 and 62? 64% of Remedyforce C-Levels in a January Tech Validate survey reported that the #1 problem they were trying to solve using Remedyforce was a lack of Self Service, Mobility and Collaborative capabilities.
Is this only in relation to IT Service Management? The clear answer was no. That same survey informed us that; 62% of Remedyforce Customers have extended their use of the solution beyond IT into other Service Management functions, most notably into HR, Facilities, Procurement and Travel.
The Digital Workplace is an essential piece of the Digital Transformation roadmap as organizations look to enable new, more effective ways of working while raising Employee Engagement and bringing consumer like experiences to their workforce.
In this session, we’ll explore the ways Remedyforce can support these Digital Workplace initiatives with real world examples to inspire Customers to action.

Remedyforce Administration Essentials

Hugo Gracia
BMC Software

This is an education track for BMC Remedyforce Customers consisting of 3 x 2 hour training sessions spread throughout the conference.

Implementing Advanced CMDB – A Step by Step Guide & Remedyforce Story

Nancy Hinch-Gualda
BMC Software

How a BMC Remedyforce customer successfully embarked on implementing advanced configuration management, designed, configured and launched the Remedyforce CMDB. Implementing a CMDB can be a challenge because the program crosses the majority of functions within an organization. Join this informative session to hear how one Remedyforce customer went about CMDB implementation by creating an environment for success. We’ll discuss that framework for success focused on:

· Setting the vision and objectives in the short and long term

· Evoking the best practices to crawl, walk and ultimately run

· Creating the environment for success by securing strategic leadership and direction to direct fostering of adoption and cultural change

· Establishing the framework to allow for realistic timelines to accomplish set goals

· Deploying best practice design methodology

· Adhering to critical success factors

· Planning for and executing on communication, training and enablement

How to use BMC Remedyforce for non-IT requests

Olivier Segers
BMC Software

Many organizations allow their clients to submit different types of requests via Self Service. Typically they are more IT oriented type of requests, like password resets, new software, a.o. Within Self Service for Remedyforce their is also a place to submit HR related request like onboarding and off-boarding of employees, which can be automated. Also requests like enhancement requests for internal solutions, new reports, modifications to existing reports, and more can be driven via Self Service for Remedyforce. Self Service for Remedyforce gives customers and employees an intuitive portal where they can resolve their own issues or needs.

How to integrate Remedyforce with Enterprise Apps Using actionHub

Samir Kumar
Cloudaction, LLC

Remedyforce can be the glue to enable collaboration between IT, Customer Service, Engineering, DevOps and many other groups. In this session, we will walk through how to extend your Remedyforce investment with Jira, Service Cloud, BMC Truesight, MTFS, Microsoft SCOM/SOrch, Splunk, SolarWinds and other enterprise solutions. This session will describe in details with live demo on how to use actionHub (Salesforce AppExchange Integration Engine)to integrate Remedyforce into popular cloud or no-cloud based enterprise apps.

Getting the most out of Remedyforce CMDB for Asset and Change Management

John Fulton
BMC Software

In this session, learn about how the Remedyforce CMDB offers a range of innovative capabilities to simplify and deliver asset and configuration management including dynamic co-existence of both CIs and asset, data reconciliation, normalization and modeling to improve data quality along with graphical views via the CMDB Explorer to see the relationships, just to name a few.

Leverage your Platform Investment – easy to integrate and extend

Olivier Segers
BMC Software

Walking through the different integrations with other products both on Appexchange and traditional IT system mgmt. tools in combination with Remedyforce. We are continuously building out the ecosystem around Remedyforce. Some of them are BMC offered, meaning that the necessary scripts, built-in connectors and configuration files are offered through BMC. Other are native integrations which can be configured within the Remedyforce administration interface. There will always be custom builds, since some of the integrations are based on unique requirements. We then offer for example web services for integration.

Simplify, Elevate and Automate with Remedyforce Agentless Discovery and Client Management

John Fulton
BMC Software

Discovering and managing devices can be challenging.  Learn how Remedyforce Agentless Discovery and Client Management can simplify, automate, and elevate your service management program and how Remedyforce Agentless Discovery can be the starting point for maturing one’s discovery strategy. This session will discuss the maturity levels and solutions associated with each stage in order to assist organizations who want to drive to the higher levels.

Creating and Configuring Service Request Definitions in Remedyforce

Hugo Gracia
BMC Software

As business processes become complex, cross-team dependencies increase for seeking and fulfilling services. Most service organizations in a business, such as IT, HR, Facilities, Finance, etc. are internally facing. They have goals to deliver services to their customers within the agreed-upon SLAs, to the satisfaction of customers. Most service requests are routine in nature, allowing service organizations to standardize how they are requested, approved, and fulfilled. It is no rocket science that standardization helps improve quality of any service. Remedyforce is an ITSM solution built and delivered on the platform that combines best-practice aligned process automation with a simple, easy-to-use experience for maximum IT productivity and innovation. Service request management in Remedyforce is designed to empower service desk managers/analysts with tools to design a standardized, repeatable process for requesting, approving, and fulfilling service requests. Service requests so deployed can be accessed from Remedyforce Self Service 3.0, the Salesforce1 mobile app, and the Remedyforce Console for service desk agents. Attend this session to understand how to design service request definitions to capture service requirements, have them approved, route them to appropriate teams across your service organization for fulfillment, set up SLAs, and measure service desk effectiveness.

Shining a light on the known and unknowns with Remedyforce

Lisa Kraas

BMC Software

A Remedyforce blast from the past and a preview of what’s to come.  This session will explore key features from past releases as well as great resources to support the enablement of new features in your Org. The session will conclude with a Roadmap discussion highlighting areas of focus for the product with feedback from our Product Management Team.

LAB: Integrating Remedyforce with Enterprise Apps (Cloud based or/and On-prem)
Collin Parker
Cloudaction, LLC.

In this Hands-on Lab session, we will show-case/build Remedyforce integration using actionHub with some leading Enterprise applications: 1) JIRA 2) Service-Cloud 3) BMC Truesight 4) MTFS 5) Microsoft SCOM/SOrch and more. This Lab-session will be focused on setting-up actionHub integration engine, connecting Remedyforce with enterprise applications and configuring actionHub to enable business use case.