Prior to the Winter 17 release, staff identified new incidents and Service Requests in Remedyforce Console through the New Incident icon in the List View. Layout of the List View is controlled by Column Headers field set in the Incident object, so only those fields that are added in this field set are displayed in the List View. If the Column Headers field set does not contain the New Incident field, the New Incident icon is not shown in the List View making it difficult to identify a new record.


What’s new in Winter 17


Winter 17 introduced an enhancement using the New Incident field. With this enhancement, staff could identify new tickets by just glancing the List View and without being dependent on the New Incident icon. Winter 17 introduced highlighting of new records for the Incident and Service Request modules. Administrators can customise the colour used for highlighting through an administration setting. By default, new records are highlighted in blue as shown in the following image.


   Figure 1: Highlighted records in the List View



Though this functionality is available by default for fresh installation and upgrade for Winter 17 release, administrators can choose to opt out and continue using the New Incident flag to identify new records. However, they can also opt in for this feature any time. It is only a matter of selecting an option provided in the administration setting as shown in the following image.


Figure 2: Option to highlight new records


When will the records appear highlighted?

A record will keep appearing highlighted under following conditions:

  • When a new ticket is submitted by a client or a new record is created
  • When there is no update done by the owner of the existing record
  • When a record is assigned to a queue and updates are not done by any of the queue members having access to that record
  • When the ownership of the highlighted records is changed
  • When clients adds a note through Self Service


When is the highlight on the records turned off?

A record will stop appearing highlighted under following conditions:

1.     If a staff who has an access to that record  adds a note on the record using any of the following methods, except when the staff adds a Client Note.

    • The Actions menu
    • Form > Activity Feed OR SmartView > Activity Feed
    • Action History > New Note

2.     If a staff changes the status of the record.

3.     If a staff updates the Responded Date field of that record.


This feature is beneficial for staff members because they can now identify new records by just glancing the List View without having to look for the New Incident icon. The feature also eliminates the requirement of adding the New Incident field in the Column Headers

field set. In place of the New Incident field, any other informative field can be added to the field set as per the user preference.


I hope that you will find this feature useful and would like to hear your views on it. I will soon be Sharing a part II of this blog - Highlighting Updated Records, a feature that helps Staff to identify updated record by just glancing the List View.