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An end user reports an incident or raises a service request and a service desk staff closes the ticket or the request after all tasks or change requests are resolved.


Many times, when an end user logs a ticket, the end user needs an immediate response regarding the status of the ticket or the request. Sometimes service desk staff may not have an immediate solution for the issue reported and the service desk staff may need to contact the end user for gathering more information in case the ticket does not have sufficient information. The service desk staff can only send an email to the client for gathering more information on the ticket and till then the status of the ticket would be waiting for response.


In the Summer 17 release, a new feature has been introduced in Remedyforce, called flagging of records in Self Service 3.0. You can see the flag next to the ticket or the service request on My Activity page. With this feature, the end user can know the status of the ticket or the service request and perform required action.


The flag on the record encourages the end user to open that record and provide additional information and the service desk staff can immediately start working on the ticket or request after receiving the information.


As end users respond to service desk staff’s requests, this ultimately results in better SLA performance, end user satisfaction, and timely resolution of the ticket.




The admin must configure the status values which are flagged in Self Service 3.0. To configure the flagging feature, navigate to Remedyforce Administration >Configure Self Service> General Self Service settings. All tickets and service requests in the Selected Status Values field are flagged in My Activity.




You must try this feature in a sandbox upgraded to Summer 17 release.