In Remedyforce Summer 15 we announced that we no longer would support or fix defects around the original Remedyforce Visualforce Pages or Self Service 1.0.  To refresh your memory about what specifically we mean, here is a screen capture of the original Remedyforce interface:




And here is Self Service 1.0:




During this time customers could still continue using these older versions although as we mentioned, we were no longer addressing any defects.


However, all good things must come to an end.  Due to technical debt and the growing size of the product, the time has come to actually remove these two interfaces and their corresponding pages from Remedyforce to help maximize efficiencies.


The next major release, Remedyforce Winter 18, your users (both staff and clients) will no longer be able to access either the original Visualforce pages or Self Service 1.0. When they try and access either, they will see a message indicating that part of the product is no longer supported or available and that they should reach out to their Remedyforce Administrator.


Your data is safe, but you need to plan on using their replacements, the new Remedyforce Console (introduced in Remedyforce Winter 17) and the new Self Service 3.0.  These will provide both your Staff and Clients with a more modern interface, faster performance, as well as access to more features than they have today.


We highly encourage you to reach out to your Business Relationship manager sooner rather than later as they can help you plan and migrate to Remedyforce Console as well as Self Service 3.0.


If you do not know who your Remedyforce Business Relationship manager is, then please add a comment to this post, and we’ll work with you and get you in touch with someone.


Again, this will happen as of the Remedyforce Winter 18 release (Safe Harbor.  No release date at this time).  We wanted to make sure you had time to plan and begin your migrations now.