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The Remedyforce team is proud to announce the Summer ‘17 release.  Mid-market companies that choose Remedyforce as their digital service management solution have ready access to enterprise-grade benefits at an extremely competitive price because it is built on the industry’s #1 aPaaS platform-Salesforce.   Summer ’17 further extends these benefits so that organizations of all sizes and maturity levels can compete on a level playing field as they digitally transform their business with enterprise-level encryption, self-service, CMDB reconciliation. 


Here are the highlights of Summer ’17.

Support for Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption
Remedyforce now supports Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption for customers who have identified a need for encrypting their Remedyforce data at rest (as opposed to data transmitted over a network). This allows companies to confidently comply with privacy policies, regulatory requirements, and contractual obligations for handling private, sensitive and proprietary data.

  • Remedyforce can now support the encryption of data related managed fields that could potentially hold Personal Identifiable Data.
  • Salesforce Platform Encryption allows you to BYOK (Bring Your Own Keys) and fits easily into a company’s security program.
  • Remedyforce customers in healthcare, financial services and other highly regulated industries have most immediate need to utilize the capability.
  • Mid-market customers They don’t have to sacrifice security because of smaller budgets and resources.
  • Salesforce Platform Encryption is an additional cost item from Salesforce.


Self Service 3.0
Remedyforce continues to transform its Self-service portal with a 35% superior performance over previous versions.

  • Enrich service catalog with images and rich text description to enable end-users to select the most appropriate service request.
  • Flag requests that require action by end-users to improve speed of closure of tickets, improve end-user satisfaction with service desk, and meet SLAs.
  • Quickly search for your existing requests on any field and set up filter criteria on existing requests. The system remembers your filters, so you do not have to enter them every time.
  • Customize summary record card to display relevant information to end-users as they browse through their requests.
  • User lookups have been enhanced with users’ profile photo, name, and email, making it easier to select the right users to create requests on behalf of.


CMDB Reconciliation

Intuitive rule-based CMDB reconciliation to improve data quality while reducing the risk of data duplication across multiple data sources.

  • Easily define and manage rules by class
  • The power to create simple (ex. single field) or complex (ex. multi-field) rules.
  • Enforced from any source including imports and user entry
  • Detailed and consolidated logging to track reconciliation activities by record for quick troubleshooting

View CI/Asset Details from Incidents
Convenient and quick access to CI/Asset details from Incidents.

  • Configurable tooltip to view CI/asset details, enabling the administrator to define which fields appear when hovering over any associated CIs/assets
  • Option to drill into CI/asset details for additional analysis

Remedyforce Console
Improvements to the console enable staff and admins to quickly work through tickets and service requests.

  • Continued improvements to the new Activity Feed allows staff to quickly identify attachments associated with email as well as continued improvement to the new Email functionality of the Activity Feed.
  • Admins can now segregate Email Conversation Templates making it easier and faster for Staff to find what they are looking for.
  • Update to History Objects to enable smooth notifications for record owners when actions occur on their records.
  • Ability to highlight not only new records in the console but also records updated by someone other than the record owner.
  • Ability to calculate true closure time for Incidents and Service Requests based on a Client’s Business Hours.  This helps those customers who may be required to supply reports to their clients and customers.


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