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A picture’s worth a thousand words, at least that’s how the saying goes. We at BMC Remedyforce are excited to share a fantastic picture showing the ever evolving Remedyforce Ecosystem !


The picture above shows all the great integrations that Remedyforce has with other complimentary products. We continue to add partners to this picture to help our customers extend the use of Remedyforce within your company !


We are continuously building out the ecosystem around Remedyforce. Some of them are BMC offered, meaning that the necessary scripts, built-in connectors and configuration files are offered through BMC. Other native integrations can be configured within the Remedyforce administration interface. For custom requirements, Salesforce and Remedyforce offer a wealth of examples to build out integrations using web services. This time, we’d like to showcase xMatters that helps expand the use of Remedyforce.


xMatters is an intelligent communications platform that connects insights from any system to the people that matter in order to accelerate essential business processes. xMatters integrates with your business solutions and enables you to stay abreast of any notification, whether it’s a major incident handled by IT or a manufacturing line slow-down requiring attention from the on-duty manager. xMatters ensures that the appropriate individuals and groups for any situation are identified, notified, and are taking action. To close the loop, xMatters manages and drives forward the underlying workflow from originating systems.


New - Communication-Driven Integrations


Information is the lifeblood of any business, and meaningful exchange is critical for driving workflow. Use enterprise integrations to connect your resources and data with all your IT tools and systems: monitoring, collaboration, ITSM solutions, and more. Gain situational context from any system in the DevOps toolset, and align stakeholders across the enterprise.


Integration overview with Remedyforce


Notify on-call response teams when critical incidents are reported. With the xMatters & Remedyforce integration, on-call members of resolver teams can be notified via multiple communication channels on any mobile device.


Some Key Benefits

  • Notify via multiple communication channels including push notifications, SMS & voice calls.
  • Define Remedyforce user specific device timeframes and escalation rules.
  • Self-service and managed subscriptions allow business stakeholders to remain informed when events occur.
  • xMatters design tools allow specific message content to be tailored to different device types.
  • Automatically notify on-call resolver teams when critical incidents are reported in Remedyforce.


Watch out for upcoming webinar in August !