Winter 18?  Are you kidding me?  I still haven't gotten my body in beach mode as we go into Summer.  I can't even begin thinking about Winter 18!


But alas...we need to talk about Salesforce Winter 18.


Many of you might have gotten the notification but Salesforce is phasing out the use of JavaScript in formula fields using HYPERLINK function.  Salesforce is doing this in three phases:


Phase 1: Starting with the Salesforce Spring '17 release (that's the one everyone is on right now), admins will be unable to create new hyperlink formula fields containing JavaScript. Editing and saving existing fields containing JavaScript will also be prevented unless the JavaScript is being removed.  This change will not impact packages, sandboxes, and change sets.


Phase 2: In the Salesforce Summer '17 release (which will start being rolled out to sandboxes in May and production in June), a Critical Update Console (CRUC) setting will be introduced, allowing admins to opt-in to blocking the execution of JavaScript in hyperlink formula fields by activating the CRUC.


Phase 3: The phased approach will be concluded with the Salesforce Winter '18 release when execution of JavaScript in hyperlink formula fields will be prevented.


You can get all the details here:;language=en_US&id=Hyperlink-Formula-Fields-for-JavaScript-Disablement&type=1


Remedyforce has already been working on removing JavaScript from our Hyperlink formula fields in preparation for Salesforce Winter '18.  Those changes will be a part of our Remedyforce Summer '17 Release (Safe Harbor of course).


However, you also need to have a plan in place.  I know many of our partners and customers have created custom formula fields using the HYPERLINK function combined with JavaScript. You'll definitely want to put a plan in place and be prepared to make this move in Salesforce Summer '17 so that you're ready for Winter '18.