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Happy New Year!

Unless you are in the southern hemisphere or drinking Mai Tais on a Caribbean island, it’s probably cold out there.  But Remedyforce has a hot new release that will warm you up- no need for hand warmers or mulled cider.  It’s our Happy New Year’s gift to our customers!

The release provides new functionality to increase usability and heat up your team’s productivity.  Here’s what is in the new Remedyforce Winter ’17 Release.

New User Interface
The Remedyforce interface leaps forward with enhancements that increase productivity and user adoption.

  • Console and Forms are updated and modernized.
  • Staff and Administrators can personalize their console list views to fit their needs.  This is especially useful when using Remedyforce across multiple groups or teams (IT, HR, Facilities, etc)
  • Single click record assignment saves staff time. Easily assign records to a user.
    • Activity Feed shows staff all actions and attachments associated with a record on the main screen.
  • SmartViews help visualize where a record lives within its own ecosystem.  For example, a SmartView of a Service Request can visually show you all the tasks, services, assets/CIs change requests, attachments and notes that are associated with that record. A great example of this is a complex Service Request for onboarding an employee. 
    • Shows notes and attachments assigned to each record associated with the record being viewed. 
  • Knowledge articles support embedded video to assist with faster problem resolution.


Self-Service Portal 3.0
Modern, intuitive self-service portal increases end-user adoption of self-service by making it easier to find information.

    • Branding – set color schemes and logos to match your organization’s look and feel
    • Tile Visibility and Control allows you to control what is available on self service
    • Service Requests and Tickets now support full functionality available in Self Service 2.0
    • Self Help Articles and Service Health now easily accessible in self service
      • Ability to embed videos in knowledge articles so users can resolve their issues faster.


Smart Practices for Facilities and Human Resources (HR)
Remedyforce now includes two new Smart Practices packages for HR and Facilities. Smart Practices give your organization a solid foundation to build on.

  • Free packages use best practices and requests gathered from our customers to help you quickly implement Remedyforce in departments outside of IT.
  • Reduce the time to configure Non-IT service requests and recognize your Remedyforce investment immediately.
  • Easily configure to your needs:
    • Create additional questions, tasks and tickets
    • Add Service Level agreements per service request
    • Build approval processes unique to each service request
    • Expand category taxonomies and service offerings


Here are additional Resources to get you started with Winter ‘17

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