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We are happy to announce the addition of Cloudaction’s actionHub™ and Vyom Labs' AutomationEdge to our Remedyforce 30-day trial environments. In this post we outline the difference between the two solutions so you have a clear understanding in how you can leverage them.


actionHub™ is the world’s first integration platform built entirely on the Salesforce platform. actionHub makes it easy to automatically move data between Remedyforce and other applications in real time. actionHub enables seamless integration for cloud-centric and hybrid enterprise application environments. A standard REST adapter enables integrates with most systems without a special connector. With actionHub, a reliable and elegant integration can be stood up in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.


Pre-built connectors quickly integrate leading enterprise applications for a variety of use cases.



  • Active Directory (AD)
  • BMC Atrium Orchestrator (AO)
  • Microsoft SCORCH
  • SailPoint


Monitoring & ITSM:

  • Microsoft SCOM
  • BMC TrueSight
  • BMC Remedy
  • Splunk


App Dev:

  • JIRA
  • TFS
  • Rally


Business Apps:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • FinancialForce
  • Cloud Coach


Integrations are configured using the actionHub rule builder, which provides drop-down lists of objects and fields for most systems and simple mapping tools. No custom code, scripting, or specialized training is required to manage integrations. Each rule defines conditions (when to send data) and actions (what to do with that data). Each action defines a target (where to send) and mappings (what to send). When mapping data which may not be an exact match, actionHub provides tools to perform basic transformation.


Use Case Examples

Active Directory and Remedyforce Integration

  • Business Need: Simplify employee onboarding with automated Active Directory orchestration.
  • Business Value: Seamless bi-directional integration enables instant creation, update, password reset, or deactivation of AD users from Remedyforce Service Requests.

Service Cloud and Remedyforce Integration

  • Business Need: Escalate Case to Network Operations or Level 2 groups by creating an Incident in Remedyforce.
  • Business Value: Seamless escalation between Customer Service and NOC/IT. Bi-directional updates provide simple collaboration between departments and rapid resolution of customer issues.

JIRA and Remedyforce Integration

  • Business Need: Escalate customer-initiated Bugs, Issues, and Enhancements from Service Requests or Incidents to development by creating records in JIRA. Full bug lifecycle management from report through release. Ability to manage OLA for escalations to development.
  • Business Value: Seamless bi-directional communication between business users and development ensures the right solutions are delivered quickly and accurately. Ability to further leverage actionHub to integrate JIRA with Change and/or Release management can mitigate risk of unplanned changes.


Why ?


  • REAL-TIME INTEGRATION. Seamlessly moves data with real-time integration between apps on and off the Salesforce Platform™. Full support for Sales Cloud®, Service Cloud®, Community Cloud™, AppExchange® apps, and all custom objects.
  • SIMPLE. Integrations are configured using the rule. No custom code, scripting, or specialized training is required to manage integrations.
  • 100% NATIVE ON THE SALESFORCE PLATFORM. Data stays safe and companies can leverage their existing Salesforce resources. No bloated third-party middleware platform or specialized skillset needed.

AutomationEdge Logo.png

AutomationEdge for Remedyforce gives IT support managers’ wizard based, out-of-the-box methods for quickly setting up service desk automation that ultimately reduce the number of tickets that human IT staff needs to resolve. Through service desk automation using AutomationEdge, a company can automate ticket resolution of high-volume category tickets like employee onboarding, employee offboarding, active Directory user creation, shared folder access, virtual machine creation in public and private cloud, software install etc.


Use cases examples

  • Onboarding a new employee - Request for new Employee On-boarding. In this scenario, three tasks are automated under this service request which will create new employee’s credentials in Azure AD, a new Email account will be assigned and an EC2 Machine will be created for this employee. Create user in AD and Create EC2 machine will be executed in parallel. Once the Create user in AD is completed, Create Email Account will be fired to assign email account to newly created user.
  • Service Desk Automation - Creation of virtual machine in public cloud (eg. Amazon EC2, Azure) private cloud (e.g. VMware), Request increase for Email Storage, Request for Employee Separation, software install, network access requests, application ID management (e.g. SAP, Oracle)
  • Password Reset – password reset of Active Directory and business applications
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) – Automation of non-IT business processes including front office (e.g. channel partner quotes) and back office (e.g. supplier creation in ERP) requests


Why ?


The AutomationEdge for Remedyforce solution brings the proven service desk automation platform to BMC’s cloud-based Remedyforce solution. Now IT service and support organizations have a powerful tool for almost instantaneous resolution of IT requests and incidents. The business users have a 24*7 service store front where their requests get fulfilled automatically. This frees the bandwidth of IT and operations staff because AutomationEdge acts as a virtual engineer to resolve many IT tickets. AutomationEdge helps in reducing costs, eliminating errors and increased customer satisfaction through service desk ticket resolution automation.
AutomationEdge shortens the time required to resolve incidents and fulfill requests, resulting in a huge productivity gain for business users.


Note: Be conscious that both of the solutions are trial versions. A full license needs to be purchased with the corresponding vendor and thus is not a part of the Remedyforce license agreement !