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Howdy everyone!  It's that time of year.  The leaves are changing, the weather is getting a little cooler, and it's that time of year where we get to spend time with about 140,000 of our closest friends.  That must mean it's Dreamforce!


Salesforce has had everyone focused on the big event which is next week (more on that later).  In the meantime, this month's technical update from Salesforce covers both September and October.  With that, let's dive in shall we?


Winter '17 is here!

Salesforce will being pushing Salesforce Winter 17 to customer production orgs starting on Saturday, October 8th.  Final push will be October 14th - 15th.  For details check out the Salesforce Trust Calendar.


Salesforce Trust - Calendar


Additionally there are tons of resources around the Winter 17 release.  Check out Page 5 in the attached.


TLS 1.0 to be disabled in all production orgs on March 4, 2017

We've written a lot about this in the past, however it bears repeating.   TLS 1.0 has already been turned off for all Sandboxes and has been turned off for all new Salesforce orgs as of mid-June.


Details on Page 6.  You can also find out blog post here.


Lightning Experience Navigation Changes

If you're looking at Lightning Experience or using Lightning Experience, note that Salesforce is changing the navigation back to tabs being across the top of the page.  Details can be found on Page 7 of the attached.


Access Check enforced in Winter '17

This impacts Lightning Components.   Currently Remedyforce does not contain any Lightning Components.  However, if you are experimenting with Lightning Components you'll want to check out Page 8.


New Trust Beta Site

Check out the new Salesforce Trust Site.  Currently in Beta.  I just tested and this time it does seem to be working.


Trust Status


For additional details check out Page 9.


Instance-specific Changes:  Production Orgs on EU0

Salesforce is scheduling an instance refresh for EU0 for November 6th.  See Page 10 for details.


Feature Retirements

  • Salesforce Classic Mobile will retire on December 1, 2017


If you're using Salesforce Class Mobile you may want to consider moving to Salesforce1.  Not to worry, both your Staff and Clients will have access to Remedyforce Mobile to continue to work Incidents or submit Incidents and Service Requests!


See Page 11 for details.


We have attached the full Salesforce September-October 2016 Tech update to this article.  If you have questions, it will be your best resource.