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But wait?!?  Where's the July 2016 Technical Update?  After looking at the July 2016 update, there wasn't much difference between it and July.  So we skipped July 2016, however, there's lots of stuff to catch up on for the August 2016 Technical Update so let's get to it shall we?


Winter ('17) is coming!

Get the Salesforce Winter 17 Release Notes now.  Salesforce will begin pushing to Sandboxes on or around September 9th.  Be sure and check the Salesforce Trust Calendar  for details.


Details on Page 5 and Pages 16 through 17.


TLS 1.0 to be disabled in production instances on March 4, 2017

We've written a lot about this in the past, however it bears repeating.   TLS 1.0 has already been turned off for all Sandboxes and has been turned off for all new Salesforce orgs as of mid-June. 


Details on Page 6.  You can also find out blog post here.


Lightning Experience Navigation Change

If you use Lightning Experience, check out Page 7.  We ensured that the Remedyforce Console works in the LIghtning Experience with our Summer 16 Release and we'll continue to work on other parts of the product in future releases <Safe Harbor>.


Network & Mail IP Range Additions

Salesforce has added new network and mail IP ranges.  Check out "What are the Salesforce IP ranges and domains to whitelist" article.  If your network teams requires this information because they only allow incoming traffic from certain IPs, you'll want to make sure they are up to date on this as these changes will take place around January 2017.


Details on Page 9.


NA9, NA10, & EU0 Instance Refreshes

From time to time Salesforce takes the time to update hardware and software in their data centers to better serve their customers.  Note the following:


NA9 & NA10 - September 18, 2016

EU0 - November 5, 2016


Details on Page 10 and Page 20.


Public Proxy Changes - United State Data Centers

If your org makes HTTP or HTTPS callouts to endpoints that permit only,,, or as source IP addresses, you'll need to update those endpoints' source IP addresses prior to September 22, 2016 to prevent callouts from failing.


Details on Page 11 and Page 21.


New Trust Beta Site

Check out Salesforce's new Trust Beta Site and share feedback with Salesforce.  Side note, at the time of this writing the site didn't seem to be working.  I provided feedback on that. That's why it's called "beta". 


Details on Page 12.


Legacy Charts in Salesforce1 to Begin Phased Retirement in Winter '17

With phase one in the Winter '17 release, Enhanced Charts will automatically replace Legacy Charts in Salesforce1.  With phase two, in the Spring '17 release, Legacy Charts will no longer be available, and all Salesforce1 users will see Enhanced Charts only.


Details on Page 13 and 23. 


Additional Feature Retirements

Of possible interest may be:


Salesforce Classic Setup Assistant  (August 18, 2016)

Legacy Charts in Salesforce1 (Winter '17)

iOS & Android Devices Tested with Salesforce1 (Winter 17)

All versions of Salesforce1 for iOS on iOS 9.1 and earlier (Winter '17)

Blackberry 10

Excel Add-in from Connect for Office

Legacty Import Wizards

CTI Toolkit


See Pages 25 and 26.


We have attached the full Salesforce August 2016 Tech Update to this article.  If you have questions, it will be your best resource.