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Howdy from Texas y'all!  It's still hot in Texas.  In fact, the squirrels in my backyard are so hot they've resorted to digging out cool spots in the dirt to try and cool down; much like this fellow is doing here.  I've identified at least two bare spots in the yard where they've been "cooling down".




While things are getting squirrelly in Texas, I thought I'd take this time inside the cool of my air conditioned office to ask if you'll be going to BMC Engage 2016 this year?  If so, great!  I'm looking forward to seeing you there.  If not, I thought I'd recap all the great Remedyforce sessions that will be going on in hopes of enticing you to join us in Las Vegas!  There will definitely be something for everyone, plus you get to hang out with the fantastic Remedyforce crew!


Placing KMS at the Heart of Service Management

When: Wed, Sept. 7th 1:00PM [John Leighton, SaaS Business Relationship Manager, BMC Software]

By attending this session, you’ll come away understanding some of the key concepts of a knowledge management system (KMS) and how it can help you “shift left” to reduce service management costs while improving the customer experience. Learn about the key roadblocks organizations face when undertaking knowledge initiatives and take a look at how BMC Remedyforce supports KMS processes.


Remedyforce Vision and Roadmap

When: Wed, Sept. 7th 2:00PM [Chad Haftorson, Director of Product Management, Remedyforce, BMC Software]

Sign up for this session to hear the BMC product team talk about the future of Remedyforce and answer attendees’ questions.


Nuance Healthcare Solutions & BMC Remedyforce: Shining a Light on the Unknown Unknowns

When: Wed, Sept. 7th 2:00PM [Dianne Sforza, Nuance Communications, Clifton Teate, Nuance Communications, John Leighton, BMC Software]

When Nuance Healthcare Solutions began their service management program, they chose Remedyforce to act as the single window to all IT activity involved in delivering over 30 health care solutions to hundreds of paying customers. In this session, the Nuance team will describe what happens when you shine a service management light into the darkest corners of your organization, opening up numerous additional ways you can improve the customer experience and drive operational efficiency.

Hands-on Lab - Open Sesame!  Configure Remedyforce User Authentication

When: Wed, Sept. 7th 3:15PM [Aaron Sebastian, Senior Software Consultant, BMC Software]

Remedyforce provides structured user management processes for increasingly complex business environments, such as enabling agent and end-user mobility, initiating asset management programs within a new business unit, or allowing more of the executive team to create their own reports. Join us for this hands-on lab to:

  • Understand how cloud-based identity management service, OneLogin, is architected, and integrates with Remedyforce and LDAP environment
  • Set up the Remedyforce and OneLogin integration
  • Configure automated Remedyforce User Deployment for Agent, Manager and End-User roles
  • Understand how Active Directory integrates with OneLogin to provide Remedyforce Authentication
  • Configure user authentication via Browser, Mobile and Password Reset features
  • Simulate End-User authentication and password reset process


Becoming a Remedyforce Superhero Admin

When: Wed, Sept. 7th 4:15PM [Dale Jones, Remedyforce Onboarding Architect, BMC Software]

As a Remedyforce administrator, you control the success of your company’s Remedyforce application. Join us to discover the tips and tricks every Remedyforce administrator should be aware of, including:

  • Quick starts: ways to get Remedyforce projects started and finished quicker by leveraging content packs
  • How to easily automate incident creation
  • How to create incident and service requests more efficiently and quicker
  • The top 5 Salesforce links a Remedyforce admin can’t live without
  • How to automate assignments to help free up your tier 1 help desk
  • How Remedyforce Email Listener pulls data into Remedyforce from any application that can send an email
  • An overview of some free tools, such as like Data Loader, Pentaho, and Salesforce1

Whether you’re a new Remedyforce administrator or a veteran, you’ll come away with valuable tools, ideas, and, possibly, some sample code.                          


Hands-on Lab - Experience the New BMC Remedyforce Agentless Discovery

When: Thur, Sept. 8th 11:00AM [John Fulton, Principal Product Manager, BMC Software, Serena Lamviase, Lead Product Manager, BMC Software, Olivier Segers, Technical Marketing Consultant, BMC Software]

In this hands-on lab, you will learn and work with BMC Remedyforce’s new agentless discovery capabilities. You will walk through several real-world scenarios with hands-on exercises, promoting discussion and opportunities within your organization. Scenarios include administrative setup and automated population of the CMDB.  The scenarios also include end user access to a wealth of information, along with the opportunity to perform client management actions.

How to Use Remedyforce for Non-IT Requests

When: Thur, Sept. 8th 1:00PM [Olivier Segers, BMC Software, Uday Birajdar, CEO, Vyom Labs]

Many organizations allow their clients to submit different types of requests via Self Service. Typically, these requests are more IT-oriented, such as  password reset requests, new software orders, etc.


Within Self Service for Remedyforce, there is also a place to submit HR-related requests like onboarding and off-boarding of employees, which can be automated using ‘AutomationEdge,’ a seamless Remedyforce integrated platform for automated ticket resolution. Also, requests like enhancement requests for internal solutions, new reports, modifications to existing reports, and more can be driven via Self Service for Remedyforce.


Join this introductory session to learn how Self Service for Remedyforce can give your customers and employees an intuitive portal where they can resolve their own issues or needs.       


Leveraging Your Remedyforce Platform Investment: Easy to Integrate and Extend

When: Thur, Sept. 8th 4:15PM [Olivier Segers, BMC Software,  Samir Kumar, Co-Founder and President, Cloudaction]

In this session, we’ll walk through how Remedyforce integrates with other products both on AppExchange and traditional IT system management tools.


BMC is continuously building out the ecosystem around Remedyforce. Some of these integrations are BMC-offered, meaning that the necessary scripts, built-in connectors and configuration files are offered through BMC. Others are native integrations that can be configured within the Remedyforce administration interface. There will always be custom builds, as some of the integrations are based on unique requirements.


We’ll be ending the session with a specific example: actionHub, an API-based integration accelerator designed specifically for Remedyforce with pre-built connectors to enterprise solutions, such as JIRA, Service Cloud, Splunk, Microsoft SCOM/SCOrch, and SolarWinds.


Hands-on Lab - Remedyforce, Process Builder, and You: An Unbeatable Team

When: Fri, Sept. 9th 8:00AM [Hugo Gracia, Onboarding Consultant, BMC Software]

Have you heard the chatter about Process Builder? A little nervous to jump in? It doesn’t matter if you want to build drag-and-drop workflows with a simple graphical interface or if you are ready to unleash the power previously only available through Apex code. Process Builder is ready to work for you.


Come to this session to find out how to take Remedyforce workflow and automation to the next level. You don’t have to be a developer to make it happen. We will share processes that you can build in less than five minutes to update child records or auto-submit tasks/tickets for approval based on milestones or criteria. Process flows close the gap between configuration and customization, so join us for this technical discussion and learn how to get started.

Simplify, Automate, and Elevate Your Service Management with Remedyforce Asset and Client Management

When: Fri, Sept. 9th 9:00AM [John Fulton, BMC Software, Serena Lamviase, BMC Software]

Learn how Remedyforce Asset Management can simplify, automate, and elevate your service management program. In this session, you’ll find out about the latest enhancements, including discovery, lifecycle management, client management, data normalization, and expanded mobility.                          

Mobility with Remedyforce in Salesforce1

When: Fri, Sept. 9th 9:00AM [Virginia Leandro, Remedyforce Product Manager, BMC Software]

Whether you are an IT staff member resolving incidents and service requests or a business user looking to get help from IT, Remedyforce includes features designed for you to make it easy to access everything you need in Salesforce1, the same mobile app that you use for all Salesforce applications. We’ll cover features for managing Incidents, Requests, and Tasks as well as all Self Service features, including browsing the service catalog, searching knowledge, raising an incident, and approving requests.


This session will also provide administrators with a walk-through of configuring the mobile applications for Salesforce1.  With this session, administrators will get the information they need to enable mobile access to Remedyforce for their organization.                          

Rapid Startup with Remedyforce Smart Practices

When: Fri, Sept. 9th 11:15AM [Hugo Gracia, BMC Software]

Time to value is critical when rolling out a new ITSM solution. You want to minimize the amount of time it takes to realize return on Investment (ROI). The judicious use of best practices based on real customer experiences can mean the difference between a short startup and a long one. Join us to learn why Remedyforce Smart Practices are an excellent foundation for ITSM onboarding and how they reduce the amount of time spent on design, configuration, and fine-tuning. See how the pre-defined content gives you clear and concise category taxonomy. And find out how a time-tested, friendly user interface; sample reports to get you started; and common approvals and workflows will help you ramp to go-live quicker than you thought possible. Want to learn more about how you can automatically apply configuration based on the lessons of other Remedyforce customers? Sign up for this session!                        


Powering up BMC Remedyforce Tasks

When: Fri, Sept. 9th 11:15AM [Florent Perot, Sr. Consultant, BMC Software]

When it comes to incident management, change management, and request fulfillment, you have to consider using tasks in Remedyforce. Come to this session to find out why.


Tasks are the small units of work that shape an efficient and complete process, if they are combined the right way. It’s sort of like playing with Lego® bricks. We’ll show you how to play with Process Builder to power up your tasks by adding automations that make life easier for your support staff. Then learn how to use Process Designer to use tasks to update the CMDB, call web services, or automate new task creations.                          


Service Health in Remedyforce

When: Fri, Sept 9th 12:15PM [Nikhil Deshpande, Sr. Product Manager, BMC Software]

All organizations have to deal with service outages. Because of stringent service level agreements, service operations managers have few margins of error in handling outages, and must manage customer expectations while their teams recover affected services. Keeping customers apprised of progress is vital. Come to this session to hear how the next generation of Remedyforce (summer, 2016) will include a Service Health dashboard, allowing end users to view the availability status of business services. The dashboard will also inform end users of future planned maintenance.

In this session, you’ll learn about how the Service Health dashboard will increase the power of Remedyforce self-service to provide real-time availability information. We’ll cover the tools that service desk agents can use to manage communication and best practices for customer-facing communication. Attendees will also get a product demo showing how to configure Service Health and navigate through its capabilities.   


So...have we enticed you?  Want to check out these and all the other great sessions at BMC Engage 2016?  Registration is still open and we've helped by putting together a business case for you to present to management why it's not only good for you but good for your business that you attend BMC Engage 2016!


Hope to see you there!