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The picture shows the integrations with other products both on AppExchange and traditional IT system management tools.

Technology Ecosystem.jpg

We are continuously building out the ecosystem around Remedyforce. Some of them are BMC offered, meaning that the necessary scripts, built-in connectors and configuration files are offered through BMC. Other native integrations can be configured within the Remedyforce administration interface. There will always be custom builds, since some of the integrations are based on unique requirements. We then offer for example web services for integration.


Let us now focus on Bunchball, integrating gamification, and cloud coach for project management.


Cloud Coach Enterprise’s intuitive interface and user flows make it simple for you to create, manage and successfully deliver projects. Using Gantt charts and a visual dashboard, it constantly shows you the complete and up-to-date picture of how your project is performing.

Create an end-to-end view of your customer engagement from sales cycle through final delivery; create interactive cross-project Gantt views and reporting based on your Salesforce CRM data; deliver real time information on project progression to your customers

Best of all, it lets your team be a team. Project members can easily keep the rest of the team updated on project changes 24 hours a day, regardless of time boundaries. Each task of a project gets its own Chatter page, so team members on that task can share notes, ideas, and documentation to keep everyone on track.

All of these features are elegantly integrated into a single application, allowing you and your team to increase efficiency and performance.


Bunchball Nitro for Remedyforce integrates gamification into the service desk experience and delivers real business results by maximizing employee performance, fueling collaboration and improving compliance. It keeps IT service professionals focused, motivated and knowledgeable within BMC Software's powerful ITSM solution.


Today's IT teams are plagued with high levels of attrition and disengagement – troubles that can prove a significant drain on your company's resources and your customers' experience. Bunchball Nitro for Remedyforce can help stem the flow. By combining today's powerful motivation techniques with behavioral data from your IT team's activity on Remedyforce, Nitro for Remedyforce empowers you to


  • Engage and motivate IT staff for a more productive and loyal team
  • Drive platform usage, collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Achieve business goals and KPI's