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Each month Salesforce publishes what they call their Technical Update.  Its a way to let the Salesforce community know of upcoming changes that could impact environments.  We re-post here for our Remedyforce customers so you're in the loop as well!  With that, here is the June 2016 Technical Update.


TLS 1.0 to be disabled in Sandboxes on June 25, 2016

This change will impact your sandbox org.  Key areas of impact include:


1. User browser access: Browser incompatibility will prevent your internal and external users from accessing your Salesforce org, Communities and Sites.

2. Email integration: Products such as Lightning for Outlook, Lightning Sync and Salesforce for Outlook won’t work if user local systems are not compatible with TLS 1.1 or later.

3. API integrations: Incompatible inbound and outbound integrations will cease to work.

4. Case submission and management: Admins using incompatible browsers will be unable to access the Salesforce Help & Training portal and case management.

5. Other areas: Mobile apps, Data Loader, Mobile SDK, SalesforceIQ Inbox, Files Sync.


Details can be found on Page 6 & 7.  We also provide a Blog on this with pointers to the Salesforce Knowledge Article!


Now Available - Version 10.0 of Salesforce1 downloadable apps

Check out the new features in Version 10.0 of the Salesforce1 downloadable app for iOS and Android

Feature highlights:

● Offline Edit (Beta): Create, edit, and delete records while offline

● View more types of enhanced Lightning Charts

● Change the owner on records

● Select record types for Events

● See more future Events


See Page 8 for details.

Note: We have not tested the "offline edit" yet for Remedyforce records.  We'll be looking into that soon.


Instance-Specific Changes

See the attached for details and if your specific instance is impacted.


  • Public Proxy Changes - United States Data Centers
  • NA12 Instance Refresh - Rescheduled for August 2016


Details on pages 10 & 11.


Salesforce Feature Retirements / End of Support

Impacted features are:

  • End of Support for all versions of Salesforce1 for iOS on iOS 9.1 and earlier (Winter '17)
  • Blackberry 10
  • CTI Toolkit (addressed by a Salesforce Alert.  Click here for that alert.)
  • Legacy Import Wizards

Details to all of these and more can be found on Page 13.


We have attached the full Salesforce June 2016 Tech Update to this article.  If you have questions, it will be your best resource!