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A picture’s worth a thousand words, at least that’s how the saying goes. We at BMC Remedyforce are excited to share a fantastic picture showing the ever evolving Remedyforce Ecosystem !

Technology Ecosystem.jpg

The picture above shows all the great integrations that Remedyforce has with other complimentary products. We continue to add partners to this picture to help our customers extend the use of Remedyforce within your company !


We are continuously building out the ecosystem around Remedyforce. Some of them are BMC offered, meaning that the necessary scripts, built-in connectors and configuration files are offered through BMC. Other native integrations can be configured within the Remedyforce administration interface. For custom requirements, Salesforce and Remedyforce offer a wealth of examples to build out integrations using web services.  This week, we’d like to showcase just two products that helps expand the use of Remedyforce. One tool helps you to automate end user service requests. The other tool allows you to take advantage of your Skype investment by seamlessly integrating Skype and Remedyforce!



For small organizations it could be as simple for someone to just walk over to your service desk with a request and you can set about fulfilling it. But the larger your organization gets, the process gets more complicated, especially when it deals with thousands of people and at least a hundred piled up requests waiting for you.


Then why not choose for automating those service request. They are then automatically routed through an appropriate process for approval and service delivery. AutomationEdge helps you in streamlining your workflow and helps in creating a service request process to reliably approve, monitor and deliver requirements. This in combination with Remedyforce service request management allows users to track their service request status.

AutomationEdge Logo.png


What would it mean to you if you could leverage your investment in Skype and Remedyforce ?

It enables your support staff to have live conversations with end users using skype. It will automatically log the call with comments on end of call. Helping your support staff reducing data entry issues while increasing agent productivity.

At a glance it will give you an overview of open task, incidents for that end user but also the ability to open an existing incident and continue working on it.

Slynko logo.png

You can find these and a number of other solutions at the new Remedyforce Marketplace. Scoot on over and let us know what you think. Do you have a solution that you think should be a part of the ecosystem?  If so, let us know in the comments.