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BMC Remedyforce is an extremely easy to administer SaaS solution, and in the hands of the right administrator, you can take advantage of all the power it has to offer you in the pursuit of improved service performance. How do you identify the right person, either within or outside of your organization, to do the job right?


The first step in locating the best Remedyforce administrator is building a job description that accurately describes the individual for which you are searching. Let's talk about the qualifications and skills your Remedyforce administrator should ideally possess:

  1. Remedyforce is based on the Salesforce platform; therefore, it is important for your administrator to have Salesforce knowledge. Salesforce offers multiple certifications. Your Remedyforce Administrator should minimally have a Salesforce Administrator 201 Certification ( The next level of Salesforce Certification is the Developer 401 (recently migrated to the new Application Builder certification: For more advanced Salesforce expertise, look for a resource with Platform Developer I Certification (
  2. Remedyforce is an IT Service Management (ITSM) solution. Previous Help Desk experience will enable your Remedyforce administrator to strategize with your IT leaders to build the best solution for your company.
  3. Knowledge of IT Service Management (ITSM) practices will allow your Remedyforce administrator to continue to enhance your company's use of Remedyforce processes. There are multiple levels of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) certification: ITIL Foundation, ITIL Intermediate, ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC), ITIL Expert and ITIL Master. Your Remedyforce Administrator should have a minimum certification of ITIL Foundation.
  4. Pentaho is a powerful tool that can be leveraged with Remedyforce to synchronize Active Directory users and also to import data such as CI's. Finding a candidate with Pentaho experience will allow you to maximize and expand on your implementation of Remedyforce, however this is a freeware product and pretty easy to learn. Any knowledge of ETL tools would be applicable.
  5. In addition to the large set of pre-defined reports available with Remedyforce, the Salesforce platform provides a robust engine for creating reports and dashboards. Finding a candidate that has knowledge and/or experience with databases and reporting will allow you to quickly and efficiently create a library of custom Remedyforce reports.
  6. Email templates are used for notifications within Remedyforce. Basic HTML knowledge will allow your Remedyforce administrator to create and modify email templates as requirements or business needs change.
  7. Communication skills are also an important characteristic to look for in candidates applying to be your Remedyforce administrator. Your Remedyforce administrator will need to be able to communicate well with the heavy users of Remedyforce as well as your Helpdesk. As business needs change or new requirements emerge your Remedyforce administrator should be able to work well with your users to decipher their needs and translate those needs to Remedyforce configurations.


Duties of your Remedyforce Administrator may vary based on what ITIL processes you are planning to implement. Below is a list of duties that you may want to include with your Remedyforce Administrator job description:

  • Create custom fields and modifies picklist values
  • Create and manage Workflow
  • Create and manage Approval processes related to Change Management and Request Management
  • Create and manage email alert and email templates
  • Create and maintain queues
  • Create and maintain Accounts, Statuses, the Category Tree, Impact, Urgency & Priority Matrix
  • Create and maintain Knowledgebase Articles
  • Create and maintain Reports and QuickViews
  • Create and maintain CMDB along with Configuration Item relationships
  • Create and maintain the service catalog within Remedyforce
  • Create and maintain all service level and operational level agreements
  • Create processes and flows using Process Builder


How do you need one or two full-time employees (FTE) to fulfill your Remedyforce administrator duties? During the first 3-6 months after your initial Remedyforce implementation you will rely heavily on your administrator. Below are some guidelines to use as your determine the level of effort for your Remedyforce administrator:


Utilized Products

First 3-6 Months

6-12 Months

After 1st Year


50% of 1 FTE

25% of 1 FTE

25% of 1 FTE

Incident, Problem and Change

50% of 2 FTE (note: this could be 100% of 1 FTE, but 2 FTE allows for a back-up)

25% of 2 FTE or 50% of 1 FTE

25% of 2 FTE or 50% of 1 FTE

Incident, Problem, Change and Service Request

100% of 2 FTE

50% of 2 FTE or 100% of 1 FTE

25% of 2 FTE or 50% of 1 FTE

Incident, Problem, Change, Service Request and CMDB

100% of 3 FTE

50-75% of 2 FTE

50-75% of 1 FTE

The number of Service Requests and Configuration Items (CMDB) can increase or decrease the effort for your Remedyforce administrator. As you evaluate your needs for your Remedyforce administrator you should determine how often items (queue membership, approval processes, account creation & maintenance, etc...) in your environment will change. If you require environment changes often you will want to lean on the conservative side and possible add 25-50% to the FTE estimates above.


After you have created your job description with qualifications and duties, you can start to look for a candidate. You might have someone with some of the background needed and a desire to learn right within your own organization. To get them fully up to speed on Remedyforce, we recommend the curriculum defined in this white paper:


If you are looking for an external candidate, it is important to post the job description in an area where you will find a nice selection of Remedyforce qualified candidates. Below is a list of areas where you might consider posting your position:

  1. BMC Communities (
  2. LinkedIn Jobs (
  3. LinkedIn Remedyforce Service Desk Group (
  4. Salesforce Remedyforce Chatter Group (


As you are selecting your Remedyforce administrator from your pool of candidates, keep in mind the candidate you select should focus on empowering your users, helping your company accelerate business success and driving increased customer satisfaction by continually optimizing and maintaining your Remedyforce implementation configurations. If you have any questions about locating the best Remedyforce administrator you can always reach out to your Business Relationship Manager.

Thank you to Dale Jones, Remedyforce Onboarding Architect and Hugo Gracia, Remedyforce Senior Consultant for your input this blog about finding the best Remedyforce administrator!