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The Remedyforce product team plans to design a solution that enables availability management process. At this time, availability management is limited to display of banners in Self Service as a ticker. We understand that customers want a more comprehensive solution that:

  1. Enables management of lifecycle of service availability issues.
  2. Enables communication with all stakeholders of a service during service availability issues.
  3. Enables availability management process measurement.
  4. Allows clients (end-users) to view health of services they frequently access.



Clients are unaware of the health of business services they regularly use. In the absence of such a service in Remedyforce Self Service, they must call on Service Desk if they face issues in using business services. Clients also want to know of service outages planned for the future, so that they may plan their work accordingly.


The absence of such a service has impact on Service Desk staff. Clients report incidents related to availability of business services. Several incidents are created simply because there is not a way to effectively communicate service availability issues to clients. For clients that make phone calls to Service Desk, Service Desk staff have to create incidents themselves, which is a lot of manual work. All of this adversely affects their efficiency.


IT organizations invest in monitoring systems as event management solutions. Alerts generated from monitoring systems typically generate incidents. This data can potentially be used to automatically change availability status of services. Currently, this is not done because there is no transaction in Remedyforce for service unavailability.


IT Operations staff have to spend a lot of time to prepare availability reports. Key availability management process measures such as Mean Time To Recover and Percentage Available Time have to be calculated manually and are either not accurate, or take too long to prepare.

Please comment if the problems above are relevant to you, and add any more you face. Your contribution will help us design a solution that works for you.

Also please note that although it is our intent to solve these problems, BMC Software does not provide any assurance as to whether this will result in a release. Purchase decisions of Remedyforce should be based on features that are generally available.

Nikhil Deshpande

Remedyforce Product Manager