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Have you been looking at ways to create custom Reports and Dashboard that pull in HISTORICAL information? Perhaps you’re trying to display geographical LOCATIONS but not sure how to find the information? Or maybe you’ve tried to display information from MULTIPLE objects on one report but not sure how?


Please have a look at these 3 Videos. They cover:

  • Trending that displays historical information along with the average age.
  • Custom Report Types to display locations
  • Joined Reports that displays information from multiple objects


Video 1 - Trending

Remedyforce Trending Report and Dashboard - YouTube


Video 2 - Report Types

How and When to Create Custom Report Types - YouTube


Video 3 - Joined Reports

How to Create a Joined Report - YouTube



If you’ve enjoyed these videos, please be sure to look at other Remedyforce Reports and Dashboard videos found here.

Also, if you have suggestions on future Remedyforce 'Reports' or ‘Dashboard’ please suggest them in the Comments section of this blog.

Thank you