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Happy Friday everyone!  Hope all of you are doing well.  I'm still trying to get back into the rhythm of daily life after having been on the road for two weeks!


Something came across my desk that I wanted to make sure that all of our Customers, Partners, Support, and Services teams need to be aware of.


As of January 1, 2016, Salesforce will retire the API Endpoint:


What does that mean for you?  Well, if you use Pentaho it's going to impact you.  You will need to update all of your Pentaho transformations where the transformation connects to Salesforce.


Currently, all of the Pentaho transformations use the following endpoint (your API number may differ)


You need to change this to now be:


On January 1st, if you have not updated your transformations, you will start getting 404 errors.


If you need additional information, here's the handy Knowledge Article from Salesforce: API Endpoint Retirement


Keep in mind this could also impact any API calls being made through custom code or external web services.


We plan on updating our documentation to reflect this change as well as reposting new Pentaho packages with the new API Endpoint of  We will only be updating the latest packages and the packages that support Remedyforce CMDB 2.0.


We wanted to get this information to you sooner rather than later so you can work through the necessary changes for this transition.  Additionally here's a quick video that will show you what you need to do!