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What is this new report and how is it used?  If you are an Administrator in Remedyforce, you may notice that you are now receiving a daily email with this report.  This notification and report are designed to alert Remedyforce Administrators that a data inconsistency has been found in your Org that could cause errors for Staff members when using templates, request definitions, Service Level Agreements, etc.  There are some field values in these records that are referred to by other Objects and thus changes in those values affect the referenced Object.  For example, the deletion of a category that is used within an Incident Template will cause a failure upon the next submission of a template.  In the past, we haven’t always been readily able to recognize these cause and effect situations early enough to prevent errors, however, this report will now allow you to quickly uncover potential issues and resolve them.  The Remedyforce Configuration Data Integrity report will provide a list of impacted records along with a summary of the issue.  When you click the Remedyforce Administration tab for the first time, the Remedyforce Utility Service is started. This service runs a daily job to scan records that are impacted by deleted, modified, or unused (inactive) records in other objects.  You can also run this job on demand by stopping and restarting the service. If the scan finds impacted records, an email with a report is sent to Remedyforce Administrators (those with Remedyforce Administrator checked in the User Record).  The Remedyforce Configuration Data Integrity report can also be accessed from the BMC Remedyforce Reports folder.


Stopping/Starting the ReportTo generate the Remedyforce Configuration Data Integrity report on demand, click the Remedyforce Administration tab and then Application Settings | General Application Settings | Remedyforce Utility Service section, click Stop.  To restart the service, click Start.  If you do not restart the Remedyforce Utility Service, the scheduled scan stops running.


Here is an example of notification you might have received and perhaps did not know what it referred to; this is the Configuration Data Integrity Report notification:


Sample Email:

Config Email Pic for Blog.jpg

  Sample Report:

Config Report for Blog.jpg

Detailed help about this report and how it is generated is available at


If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email