Welcome back to another exciting installment of the Remedyforce Customer Success Value Enablement Kit series! As a recap, Customer Success Value Enablement Kits are enablement resources produced by our Remedyforce CSM team with the goal of putting knowledge in customer’s hands to help with adoption and entrenchment of Remedyforce in your organization.  Content is based on customer demand as well as trends and common FAQ’s the CSM team receives from customers.  For example, other existing Remedyforce Enablement Kits include Transition to the Remedyforce Console, Setting up Self-Service and the basics of Change Management.


This latest kit aims to answer the call of customers who have asked for Remedyforce User guides to help with their staff training plans. Quite often we hear that because of the rapid and regular release cadence in the Remedyforce world which provides for the allowance of new capabilities to be added very frequently, it’s a bit of a challenge to keep up with training staff/agents on added functionality, or changed functionality or even the evolution of the Remedyforce UI! So what we decided to start with is a framework that can be modified / tailored to your organization. You can leverage the PowerPoint to be your starting point if nothing exists today, or, you can use parts of the deck to include in your own training manuals for example, use some of the screenshots to update your docs.


The guide is structured beginning with process change training and ITIL basics through to feature/functionality of Remedyforce with call outs and notations. The primary focus is on Incident Management for this initial user guide and the primary audience is Service Desk Agents at a Level 1 function (though we’ve included a few slides for the L2 and L3 folks at the end of the kit for you to utilize).


We’ve used the speaker note sections to add comments/guidance for how to use a particular slide or suggestions for what you may want to update or modify instead of the boiler plate material. The kit walks you through a “day in the life of an agent” staring from your login process through to resolution of a ticket. Throughout the guide are breaks so you can take the approach of including hands-on exercises in between each learning module. Speaking of learning modules, a good suggestion would be to compliment this user guide framework with the Remedyforce Web-Based Training courses that are available on our BMC Education site either as a refresher for your agents, or as net new training materials that they should all complete.


As always, the Remedyforce Customer Success team welcomes your feedback and questions so please don’t hesitate to contact us at Look out for further updates to this blog and Remedyforce Communities for additional artifacts to assist you with your training needs!