Remedyforce.pngOne of the most important first steps for Remedyforce customers is getting you enabled. The best way to start is to take some training! The Remedyforce customer enablement team focuses first and foremost on providing you with a world class customer experience so we’ve published all of our complimentary Remedyforce training courses on the BMC Education website. To date, there are a total of seven self-paced training courses available to you with a few more on their way in the next couple of months.


The online training is available to all Remedyforce customers, however before you can access and begin completing the courses you’ll have to register for an education account first! To take the guess work out of the registration and navigation process, the Customer Success team has created and published a short video tutorial to assist you. Check it out here on our BMC YouTube Channel (along with the other Remedyforce Customer Success videos we’ve posted for you!)



This training registration video tutorial is a good resource for you to quickly review how to register for the training and it focuses on two resources that you’ll need; the “how to guide” provided by your Customer Success Manager as well as the website itself. For even more information about the complimentary Remedyforce web-based training as well as other education offerings, you can always navigate to Remedyforce Communities and review the Remedyforce whitepapers.


Thanks for watching our video series, and if you have any questions, please drop us a line at