Good things come in 3’s, and when it comes to mobility, Salesforce1 provides us a great foundation for the service trinity of Any Time, Any Where, Any Device.


Remedyforce, like most solutions, is only as good as the quality of the data stored in it and one key component of that quality, is the timely entering of updates to Incidents, Service Requests, Tasks etc….


I remember as a young(ish) Service Desk Analyst thinking that the most important thing was fixing the Customers issue and that recording the fact I’d fixed it was a long way down my list of priorities. Fast forward to my first Service Desk management role and I more fully realized the importance of not just providing great service, but also being able to accurately report on the provision of great service.


I worked with colleagues who frequently spent hours away from their desk and laptop while they visited Customer locations only to get back to the office at the end of the day and go through and diligently add ‘done’ and ‘closed’ to all of the Incident / Service Requests handled that day. Our poor SLM metrics, oh how you suffered!


Oh and by the way, all of those ‘drive bys’ that occurred (you know the ones, ‘while you’re here, can you just …….’) were lost forever, never captured, never reported upon, never made available for trend analysis or for the next time that Customer calls through saying ‘it’s happened again’ – What do you mean ‘again’?


Enter Stage Left, Remedyforce and Salesforce1.


Salesforce1 enables your staff to have easy access to key Remedyforce functionality, presented in a mobile friendly format.


Ah yes and did I mention that it’s free to Remedyforce Customers running our Summer '14 and Winter '15 releases?


To enable Salesforce1, follow these two simple steps;


Step 1: As an Administrator, from the Salesforce Setup, select Mobile Administration -> Salesforce1 -> Settings and select the Enable Salesforce1 mobile browser app option



Step 2: Download the Salesforce1 mobile app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store*


* Note: be sure to check that your mobile device is running a compatible OS. I initially tried to download the Salesforce1 app from the Play Store to a mobile device running Android version 4.1.2 and couldn't understand why it kept installing the default Chatter App!!!


(for details on Salesforce1 compatible device requirements go to -> Salesforce1 Overview of Device Installation)


Now you're ready to hit the road and easily be able to log new Incidents & Tasks, update existing Incidents and Tasks, view Service Targets, view Broadcasts and view Knowledge Articles.


No longer should there be a mobility reason (or excuse) for why timely updates cannot occur for Incidents and Tasks - together, we can end the unnecessary cruelty to SLM metrics everywhere!!


For more information on Remedyforce Mobility leveraging Salesforce1, please visit ->


For those wanting to train folks in the use of Remedyforce Mobility, you can download a handy Salesforce1 Simulator here, for free, at the chrome web store -