As a Customer Success Manager, I have customers who inquire on how they can brand their instance of Remedyforce. Therefore I wanted to share how simple it is in Remedyforce to put your own look and feel on your company’s Self-Service page.


Did you know that Remedyforce provides out-of-the-box themes to use for branding? You can assign these to one or more accounts with a simple click of your mouse. Self-Service customization options include unlimited color scheme options and the use of customer specific logos.  Customers can also manages the Self-Service layout and functional use through adding custom tiles and removing the out of the box ones.


Let’s walk through the various steps and options to brand Remedyforce Self-Service…


First you can navigate to Remedyforce Administration | Configure Self-Service | Branding: 




On this page you can select from one of the six out of the box themes, or create your own custom theme. User interface themes are a manner in which you can easily define the colors used in the elements presented in the Self-Service portal.  You can have an unlimited number of themes, and these themes can be associated with specific accounts (grouping of users) within your organization.  There are 16 elements, including background, border and text that can be configured to your specific color requirements.


Second you can add your own logo and replace the BMC ones provided out of the box on the user login page for Self-Service, as well as the one presented on the Self-Service portals banner.  This can easily be done by selecting the image and uploading to Remedyforce.  BMC does recommend the use of small images for optimal performance and specific dimensions are documented in the branding administration.


Along with your logo, you can also reference your company’s URL and the help text displayed when hovering over the logo. 


The last area of configuring Remedyforce Self-Service to your own look and feel is the ability to add, remove and create custom tiles that can be accessed by your Self-Service users.  In the Remedyforce Administration console, you can navigate to Configure Self-Service |Tile Visibility and Order.  On this page you can hide / show the out of the box tiles, or create your own tiles that link to custom URL links.  The out of the box tiles include:


Submit a Ticket – the page where end users can submit an incident for IT support.


Request a Service – to navigate and select the service request offerings available to end users.


View Tickets and Requests – the current and past incidents and requests submitted be the logged in user, or users under their supervision.


View Self Help Articles – to navigate the knowledge articles available to end users.


Manage Approvals – where approval tasks can be reviewed and action taken (approve/reject/reassign).


Post to Chatter – to review and post to the organizations Chatter feed.


Contact Us – for posting questions or comments back to the Service Desk.


For any custom tiles you create, you can embed the URL that will be called when that tile is selected.


I hope this helps in getting you started with branding your Self-Service portal and if you need additional help and how to details on branding you can go to:


If you have questions or want to discuss best practices for branding, please contact your CSM or reach out to