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As a Sr. Consultant for the BMC Remedyforce Services team, I work with customers on a daily basis.  They often ask me what the best way is to get data in and out of Remedyforce.  This data could take many forms, from creating new (or changing) categories to creating new (or changing) statuses to modifying users.  The best way that I have found to do this is with Data Loader, which is native to Salesforce.



Data Loader was pretty intimidating to me when I first started utilizing it.  I had to figure out the best way to create and work with CSV files, and had to understand what the differences were between INSERT,UPDATE,UPSERT,EXPORT and DELETE functionalities.  I know the terms are self-explanatory, but it was a foreign concept to me at first.  Creating CSV files has become an integral part of my job now, and I utilize Data Loader to expedite what I can do in bulk versus doing data entry one record at a time. 


One example of how it saves time is the import of Categories.  Usually customers that I work with have a lot of categories that they would like to be able to report on or use to route incidents.  Instead of creating them manually, Data Loader gives me the ability to do it in a fraction of the time.  It just takes a little knowledge. (You have to make sure that you are doing it correctly, or you will receive errors and get frustrated trying to troubleshoot them.)  Make sure that all the required fields are there before you import so you don't receive any errors.


Another example would be if you wanted to modify what statuses appear as available selections when working with Tasks. You can use Data Loader to perform an export on the status to a CSV file, change the value within the CSV file on the BMCSERVICEDESK__APPLIESTOTASK__C field to FALSE and viola!; it's no longer available for Task and you didn't have to go into each status one by one.



If you have not tried to use Data Loader in the past for bulk changes, go ahead and give it a shot, it will be well worth the time that you invest.  Just be sure to test in your Sandbox first =)


Eric Cobb

Senior Consultant, Professional Services