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Dreamforce_Logo_4C.jpgBeing born and raised in New England there is little I enjoy more than the Fall season.  The crisp, clean morning air, apple picking, corn mazes and pumpkin flavored everything.  Two years ago I added another Fall favorite to the list; Salesforce’s Annual Dreamforce Conference.  I have been to a lot of IT conferences during my career and prior to my first Dreamforce experience the thought of attending an IT Conference spurred two emotions: excitement and disappointment.  Excitement to be able to interact with our customers face to face and disappointment of having to trade in my designer high heeled shoes for practical, orthotic lined flats.   Notice how there was no emotion conjured that had to do with the actual “IT” part of the IT Conference?  The truth of the matter is I felt the majority of all IT Conferences were the same.  You receive some insight into product roadmaps, procure a large haul of tchotchkes and enjoy some cool entertainment on an event night.  I’d never walked away from an IT Conference feeling blown away by innovation or having witnessed truly impactful technology. That was until I attended Dreamforce for the first time.


Speechless.  That’s the only way to describe my first day at a Dreamforce event.  Never mind the sheer size of Dreamforce and number of attendees the innovated technology had me on sensory overload. At one point I found myself standing in front of this amazing social media command center that was displayed outside of the Expo Hall.  Hundreds and thousands of social media interactions tracked and responded to in real time. I was mesmerized.  Then to hear from Salesforce customers/partners how they were using the Salesforce technology to impact our day to day lives was stunning.  For the first time in 15 years an IT Conference invoked a slew of new emotions.  I was excited, enthused, bewildered and completely reinvigorated in my desire to learn more about the technology we leveraged.  I began my career at BMC Software just a few weeks before Dreamforce so I spent hours learning about the limitless capability of the platform and how we, BMC Software, could continually evolve Remedyforce.  The sharing of ideas and goals flowed continually for four days throughout the conference and at the BMC Remedyforce Booth, the air was filled with and excitement and eagerness I had never experienced.  (This year you can find us at the BMC Remedyforce booth #N1217 in Moscone North!)


I left San Francisco feeling inspired.  My creativity reignited by the endless possibilities.  My brain hungry for more knowledge and my goals set a bit higher.  That excitement stayed with me throughout the year as I watched BMC Remedyforce Product Management take many of those ideas and suggestions that originated in that booth and bring them to fruition before the next Dreamforce event.  In 15 years in IT I had never seen customer feedback incorporated into the product so quickly.  I was fortunate enough to watch the same evolution last year.


Now here we are mid-way through September and I as I sip my pumpkin latte I am giddy with anticipation of what I will see on October 13th in San Francisco.  Daydreaming of what cool new technology will be introduced to me in just a few short weeks.  So if you want to be inspired and surrounded by innovators, than you my friend, need to attend Dreamforce at least once…