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Second post in an occasional series about the Salesforce1 app

Every eager user wants to start by downloading an app and getting connected.


As an eager user, after I downloaded the Salesforce1 app, I tried to connect. I found that connecting was more challenging than I expected. The following tips should save you some time after you download Salesforce1


But first, the “your mileage may vary” statement: Here’s the environment I’m working with right now:

  • iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4
  • iPad, iOS 6.1.3
  • RemedyForce 201302.15.69
  • Full Sandbox
  • Salesforce1 5.1.3



Tip 1

By default, Salesforce1 is set up to connect to your production environment – not a place where you want to start experimenting! Here are the instructions for connecting to your sandbox. Note: This Help is the help for Salesforce1.

If you do set up a new connection, take 2 seconds to check what you entered before saving. There’s no way to go back and modify or even see what’s in a connection. As far as I can figure out, the only way to remove a connection is to delete the app.

Tip 2

After I entered credentials, I kept cycling back to the login screen. I used this solution from Salesforce help:

Since I am testing in a sandbox and only have a few users set up, I gave access to all users. I still have to work out what the setting needs to be for production.

Tip 3

Logging in is more likely to succeed if you wait a few seconds after the final character you put in is masked before you touch the big, blue “Log in to Salesforce” button.

SF login-Cropped.png

Tip 4

Whether you need this next tip depends on your security settings. Make sure your mobile number is in your RemedyForce profile in this format +1 XXXXXXXXX so you can receive text messages with an authorization code.



Question: If you are working with the Salesforce1 app, what tips do you have for getting connected? Please share your observations, comments, and suggestions.





--Giselle Caruso

RemedyForce Customer





Disclaimer: This blog is my own observations. I am not writing on behalf of my employer, nor is this blog endorsed by my employer.