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First post in an occasional series about the Salesforce1 app

Getting your hands on the right documentation before you start something is well worth the effort it takes.

Right now, I’m working with the Salesforce1 app on RemedyForce. Early in the project I started looking for documentation. Today, I’m sharing what I learned while searching.


The first discovery: Finding documentation for Salesforce1 was more of a quest than I anticipated. I was looking for a single, tightly focused RemedyForce resource. I couldn’t find it.

Happily, the information I needed is out there. Here’s a list of resources I found useful in getting started with Salesforce1.

Although it’s for Salesforce users, this guide is a nice high-level overview of the mobile app along with some practical advice on implementation. I had never seen Salesforce1 (or Salesforce Classic) so the guide was a nice introduction.

Detailed instructions from the Salesforce perspective, along with a detailed guide to the mobile product. The information about what Salesforce1 looks like and how it works was invaluable. Hint: Stop after Chapter 6.


Other discoveries while looking for documentation --

  • Right now, the RemedyForce Administrator’s Guide only covers the Salesforce Classic app.
  • The First Friday mobility webinar on the BMC Community site only covers Salesforce Classic.
  • All of the detailed documentation is from Salesforce. You have to be able to translate between RemedyForce and Salesforce and you have to understand where the boundaries are.


Question: If you have implemented the Salesforce1 app, what “getting started” resources did you find helpful? Please share your observations, comments, and suggestions.




--Giselle Caruso

RemedyForce Customer




Note: This blog is my own observations. I am not writing on behalf of my employer, nor is this blog endorsed by my employer.